Eating like a king.

Eating like a king.

Field trip tomorrow. School nurse calls check-in preparation/who carry glucagon/test alone/substitute nurse present but hang back…and Burger King.

So he will bring his own lunch, but did you know they’re stopping at Burger King?

Bigfoot heart two ways:

  • So much fun! Busload of noisy kids @Burger King! Girl Bigfoot would have loved.
  • This is disgusting. How can a SCHOOL encourage children to eat that shit?

Choose bullet #1 attitude, investigate gluten free Burger King. Promising! “Burger King announces gluten free menu!” one link proclaim. Click. LONG gluten free menu! Oh boy!

But look closer, bulk of Burger King GF menu stuff like=

ketchup packet

onion slice

pickle slice

Lip Smackin’ BBQ dippin’ sauce (Not real name. It Bigfoot bad attitude.)

many other dipping sauces


Thanks for so awesome menu, Burger King.

End of list: desserts. Okay. Good. Shake, ice cream cone w. no cone, sundae. Great! Maintenance of good attitude grade = B+. Should be grateful.

Next task = look up carbs for GF items Bubs possibly want. MGA grade now = C-

Small chocolate shake = 97g CHO. 12 ounces. 12 ounces milk = 18g CHO. WHAT IS THE OTHER 79g CHO DOING IN THAT CUP? Bigfoot sorry. Not able encourage child eat this. Or best course is let child choose? Maybe choose cone less cone/23g CHO.

Attempt smile. Write it all down. Have fun.


11 responses to “Royal

  1. We stopped there after pilgrim trip and kids that brought were so much happier plus starving and long line perfect solution bring food and get a treat!!! Well played mom!!!

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  2. Their shakes are SO carby! But delicious. Dang it now I want a fast food shake. I think shamrock shake might have to be on the menu today. But quick, before child gets home from school. 😀

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  3. Pam

    You’re a better person than I am. I would’ve gone straight for bullet point #1, school nutrition policy in hand. But an ice cream treat seems the only reasonable response at this point. Better than pickles.

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  4. Lorraine

    Aw, snap. That’s not a gluten free MENU. It’s a list of ingredients they use that are gluten free. Nonsense.


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  6. skchrisman

    “Girl Bigfoot would have loved.” When I was young, my parents dropped me off at church and I’d grab a bulletin and walk to what we dubbed “Our Lady of Burger King” to meet my girlfriend Katy. (I’m thinking now Katy’s everywhere must love BK). Whopper Jr. w/cheese, fries. Now? Uhm. But okay Yay you for attempting a smile on this one.


  7. Hello diabetes, good-bye yummy shakes/really big cake/etc. Now there are times for these things but as an adult I have to admit I don’t need the calories *most* of the time. 🙂


  8. Oh that really sucks. Of course, back then I would’ve told my mom I wouldn’t eat it, and then ate it anyway. ::( I was the worst!!


  9. better than sitting on bus by self, hungry, poor and watch joyous classmates spilling back on bus with fries and ice cream. stupid, but still…33 yrs later.


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