1. Four names people call me other than my real name: 

Mrs. ____________, Katekate, kk (that might be what they’re actually saying), Special K (<–imagine)

2. Four jobs I’ve had: 

roadside corn saleswoman, writing tutor, 11pm – 3am waitress, copywriter

3. Four movies I’ve watched more than once: 

Borat (clip appropriate for all audiences), The South Park Movie (clip not appropriate for anyone), Monty Python kinds of things, 50/50

4. Four books I’d recommend: 


 recommend this ALL of the time and no one ever reads it.

I have reread this several times, just to make sure it is really as good as I think it is. IT IS.

turk-15. Four places I’ve lived: 

London, Urbino, Turkmenistan, Jamaica Plain

6. Four places I’ve visited: 

Barcelona, Sydney, Taos, Istanbul

It's the Crisco frosting.

It’s the Crisco frosting.

7. Four foods I prefer to not eat:

bone marrow, candy that is not chocolate, bakery cake, Asian pears

8. Four of my favorite foods:

smoked salmon, sweet potatoes, pickles, Cadbury Minieggs

9. Four TV shows I watch: 

Downton Abbey, The Goldbergs, OITNB, Homeland

10. Four things I’m looking forward to: 

a box from the Patagonia sale arriving!, snow melting away/hanging clothes on the line, the visitor dog who poops in the house going back to his own house, maybe I will get a large check

IMG_155011. Four things I am always saying:

“It’s never going to be fair,” “Did you wash your hands?” “Where’s the Dexcom?” “Did you change the site?”

Please do this too. Inspired by she and her. <3. I wish I had a vine.


15 responses to “MORE FOUR!

  1. I am actually saying kk (I think you know this?). Things i love about this post: 1. seeing where you’ve lived; that you recommend Demetri Martin’s book; 3. that you sold corn roadside; 4; link to scully’s blog.

    I would give anything to be able to subsist on Cadbury ™ mini eggs ™ (r) (whatever)

    And, just a proud fact on my end that I’m desperate to share: as of LAST NIGHT, I learned that my 11yo loves to watch Downton Abbey.

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  2. things I would like to hear more about: corn sales, waitress nightshift, Turkmenistan

    song I now have stuck in my head: uncle fucker

    things I want to talk to you about at length: the genius of the goldbergs

    thing I noticed that I enjoyed: the fact that you changed the formatting of the questions to align with your personal beliefs

    (I am so glad you posted this cos I loved your answers and also it made me realize I forgot to answer #11 on mine)

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  3. You are so exotic… like a flower. Or a bird. Urbino? Turkmenistan? Like Shannon, I must find out more.

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  5. Wow, you have quite the variety in where you’ve visited/lived! We also love The Goldbergs. We’ve been watching clips of SNL so have been watching Chris Farley living in a van down by the river and the “van people” episode of The Goldbergs really cracked me up. 🙂


  6. that book now only has a hold in our library! hmmm… i think you had something to do with that! love the 4!


  7. Loved reading this! I love smoked salmon, but haven’t perfected it at home yet, though I do a pretty good tequila cured salmon.


  8. I want to go to Turkmenistan. Most of the -Stans, really.


  9. Yeah, most bakery cakes do kinda suck, don’t they? Good call on that one.

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  10. Turkmenistan….I am also curious. Peace Corps??


  11. Bakery cake, well it depends a lot on the bakery! 🙂


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