The Mike Lawson Post

Bigfoot just finish DSMA ‘Rents show. Pretty sure only said blah blah blah Mike Lawson = The Ideal Man. Sorry. Meant to say coherent facts re TrialNet, etc.

Anyway, Bigfoot favorite Mike Lawson production here. <–Perfect for tween/teen. Perfect. Hit spot. Perfection. Here is Mr. Mike Lawson Video Library.

Lorraine, Bennet command DOC add more links M.L. videos. (In comments. You do it.)


11 responses to “The Mike Lawson Post

  1. bennetdunlap

    I like this one. In it Mike Lawson preforms Mike Lawson in a way that is the is the Academy Award winner as Best Mike Lawson. Also Best Disclaimer and Best Juxtaposition of Declarations to God and or the Guy at Starbucks.

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  3. shannon

    looks like folks have you covered on videos. here’s a shoutout for mike’s podcast (which I am about 3 years behind I think). what some would call lies (“i like to eat PEEK-za”). I actually trolled through old podcast comments to see if I could find one where I said OMG THIS IS MY FAVE PODCAST OF YOURS but when that didn’t happen, I decided to send this one about mike’s bff kevin spacey:



  4. Katy, That video for teens was HI-larious!!! My son and I laughed so hard! I didn’t know about these videos! I wanted to show him some of the other ones recommended in comments but he’s telling me that I’m distracting him while he’s trying to get his homework done…
    Thanks for sharing!


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