Good Things XX (plus one other thing)



Brown a bunch of cut up meat in a big pot. (Remember to not crowd it all in at once or it will never brown.) Set the lovely cooked meat aside (on the overturned pot lid to save a dish). In the same pot, sizzle a sliced onion and a passel of carrots in olive oil. Sprinkle with salt. Return the meat to the pot. Add the harissa sauce. Stir it all around. Cook all day in a low slow cooker or 200F degree oven. Add more salt. Serve on BANZA.

This pasta made from chick peas. Reallllllly good. We all liked it. That is kind of a shame, because Joe and I had developed the habit of never eating pasta, on account of hating gluten free pasta and a dash of moral superiority.

In addition to being yummy and non-spiky on the BG, it also cooks in five minutes.

My tiny adorable neighbor (who became somehow even more adorable by catching the diabetes right after us and then celiac too, as if to keep us company)’s parents left two boxes of Banza on my porch. I do not believe this can be found in stores. I will have to remember to order more here. It’s like a million dollars a box. (Or $5.) (More fodder for my TAXES!)


Make 2015 your most organized year yet by storing bags of seaweed in a drawer of noodles.

These individually wrapped chocolate-covered graham cracker-ish things.

As far as individually wrapped gluten-free lunch box items that feel like legitimate treats go (i.e. not a Kind bar or Lara bar…), this is a winner. WHY: The people like them. They have just 13g CHO.

I found these at the large Whole Foods.


And one of the ingredients is bamboo shoots. Not many cookies can make this claim.

But wait…


Thank you for asking.

Is that the green giraffe Dexcom in the picture? Why yes, it is. What is that doing there? It was high buzzing, so I rummaged it out of the bottom of my bag and looked at it: 154 and going up. The what? I had not eaten yet due to rushing hither and yon. I thought it must be mistaken. Verio gave me a 170-something. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I only had the thing on to watch it go crazy at the OGTT, and then I left it on because I just didn’t think of removing it.


This is a lesson. Don’t be glib about curing diabetes with a gluten free diet! Or this lesson: always eat a balanced breakfast before leaving home. Or this: don’t wear a Dexcom if you can’t handle it.

If what you really wanted to ask was not, “How are your sugars, my darling?” but “Where’d you get that awesome green giraffe Dexcom case?” the answer to your question is Tallygear.


9 responses to “Good Things XX (plus one other thing)

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i’m so glad you wrote this (I haven’t read the whole thing yet) but I’ve been meaning to ask you for WEEKS if you’ve tried the Ronzoni GF pasta. Big_farging_hit here, esp. among the non-required GF-ers. okay, i’m going to read the rest now.


  2. Thanks for the recipe. Other than semi-special occasions, I’ve been avoiding pasta (I’m non-celiac) because of the BG spikes. The Banza may be the bombza to tame the high glucose. Thanks!


  3. “Don’t wear a DexCom if you can’t handle.” Needs to be printed on t-shirts.

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  4. Dexcom can be a dick sometimes.

    I also have officially moved all of my seaweed to my pasta drawer for good measure.

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  5. I’m wondering what the heck is going on in our environment when you have a cute little neighbor also coming down with T1 and celiac….


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