I Forgot! With Cocoa.

Forgot have diabetes.

Now, suddenly, time for next TrialNet visit. OGTT. Last time, Bigfoot thisclose get UN-diagnosed. Except for small matter of endocrinologist frank statement, “We don’t undiagnose people.”

Yet OGTT advice, for person wish pass test = eat at least 150g CHO in the three days leading up to the test. But high CHO diet destroy Bigfoot fasting BG, ruin chance at (albeit fictive) undiagnosis. But if maintain low CHO diet, pancreas not on toes for sugar onslaught, no way prepared shoot out enough insulin pass test 2h pp. Hmmm.

He had hot chocolate (est. 60g CHO) with exogenous insulin. I had 1/3rd that amount of hot chocolate (est. 20g CHO) and made insulin with telekinesis.

TWINS! He had hot chocolate (est. 60g CHO) with 6u exogenous insulin. I had 1/3rd that amount of hot chocolate (est. 20g CHO) and made insulin through telekinesis and beta cells. Both styles were equally effective/ineffective.

So. Strap on Bubs’s old Dexcom. Try small glucose challenge: 20g CHO hot cocoa-coffee concoction. Fern. Can’t clear even 20g CHO & OGTT 75g CHO.

Trapped. Look left: KM60/GF diet, normal BG allllllll time. Look right: attempt formally demonstrate ability metabolize CHO, near-certain fail. Look left: normal BG, feel good. Look right: glucose syrup, wretched 24 – 36 hours. Look left: no one’s even making any science from you being in this torture test. Look right: but maybe if you keep doing it, you can be in a drug trial like Jack and be part of science and be cured! Look left: you take care of you. Look right: be science!

Anyway, Tuesday. OGTT. This time w. Dexcom. Should be crashing just in time Route 9 Shake Shack.

Meanwhile, this project so repetitive. Good motivation more varied diet.


The cocoa twins both peaked at about 225 mg/dL.


6 responses to “I Forgot! With Cocoa.

  1. g

    i wish i could draw a green apple like that! good luck!!! xo


  2. I have a million questions for you.

    What is this? Why is it happening? WTF? So what are you supposed to do? Really, use as little insulin as you can, right? Is that the way to preserve what beta cell function you have? And also, does this make you feel younger? I thought only kids got diabetes. Until my baby got it. And then adults got it. Not that “kids” should get it at all, but what is with the spread? I feel like the global level of alarm is not quite high enough. You?


  3. I used to love food 😦


  4. I hope it went well! (I meant to comment yesterday that I hope it goes well.) My 2nd oldest and I are in a c-peptide follow-up TrialNet study. She gets OGTT, I get MMTT. The TrialNet researcher was no help when picking a flavor, she said she likes all of the “Boost” drinks! I finally decided on chocolate, that’s got to be the best right?

    I hope you got to go to Shake Shack, I’ve never been but it sounds delicious. 🙂

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    • Thanks! They said I can do the MMTT next time. Are the options chocolate or vanilla?


      • Where we go it was chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry but I don’t know what your choices would be. I think the MMTT made me less shaky and yucky feeling than the OGTT.

        Our original researcher said the c-peptide really helps to regulate your bs #s so you don’t dip as low or go as high. So I personally think it might be contributing to the LADA “definition”, by typical insurance standards my c-peptide is still too high to qualify for a pump (but not as high as would be typical in a type 2 diabetic).

        Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂


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