Moving on up.

This game Bubs’s favorite Christmas gift. (Criticism.)

Probably someday Santa feel bad for allow this game in home. But not today.

PRO: Bubs so happy, meet up with school friends for post-apocalyptic world, armor, space vehicle, grenade, gun. So motivated good job homework (earn minutes play game), photograph shoes for eBay (earn dollars, buy different outfits for avatar), so good spirits.

CON: Too engrossing. Dexcom buzz 65 mg/dL, continue chat w. buddies. Then Dexcom agony siren noise for under 55 mg/dL, but not want interrupt game deal w. prick finger, and not notice feel low, and not believe Dexcom anyway. Instead, wish away alarms. Blood, fix thyself. Continue play. Finally Bigfoot notice: Say…that Dexcom is wailing and none of us is doing anything. Insert Glucolift into child’s mouth as if original Jerry the Bear food cartridge. Also like Jerry Bear, Bubs’s jaw remain ajar. Whisper chew! Bigfoot not want school friends hear, no desire other boys sense uncool interloper in house. Vehement whisper CHEW! Only cool intraloper here. W. glucose. In/out like ninja.

FullSizeRenderMaybe natural for parents allow kids w. D some otherwise off-limits things, futile attempt make up for lost beta cells?



  1. Cassie · January 9, 2015

    I’ve done the same for both my son and husband while they play games. Gives them a break for just a minute.


  2. type1dmom · January 9, 2015

    Haha. You just described 76% of the diabetes interactions Angelina and I have had while she’s on winter break. “Angelina, dexcom is alarming. Please check and do correction.” “Mom, can you do it? I’m busy.” (playing Minecraft or chatting with friends on Wattpad) “Okay.” Check, “Give me your pump.” Correction. “Thanks Mom”


  3. skchrisman · January 10, 2015

    Better if friends are all T1D (3 1


    • skchrisman · January 10, 2015

      Typing with split finger tips = mishaps and dangling commentary. Three 14yo T1D buddies here now and missing a special special fourth 😦 Still hard to get their attention. Still don’t want to stop. But when they do stop, they check together.

      Not T1D friends = whispers, urges, and concessions. Friends are awesome either way!


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