Food Log Extreme

IMG_2236I moved the food drawings thing to a roll of paper. Re-drawing the foods was very relaxing. Having the drawings on a small roll of paper makes the project very portable (until it unrolls.)

This is today’s section.

FullSizeRenderFor performance art, I could unfurl this in the endo’s office?



  1. g · January 8, 2015



  2. Laddie · January 8, 2015

    I think we should ask everyone in the DOC to do a “visual” food log and we would learn a ton about each other. Mine would be on the computer and I would fall into the “Nerd” group. Some would use pencil and paper and end up in the “sincere but out-of-date” group. Some would wait until the last day and use different colors of ink to pretend they had been doing it all along. My guess is that you might be the only one who did it on toilet paper….

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  3. skchrisman · January 9, 2015

    Oh, please do! And then share your experience with all of us.


  4. cbwinchild · January 9, 2015

    no don’t! I don’t want it to get wrecked. do you have an ARC you can carry it around in?


  5. shannon · January 9, 2015

    six slices of aldi bread in one day

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