Merriment AND Frosting

Here's a person eating a scone.

Here’s a person eating a scone.

About a year ago a cool friend and respected citizen of Low Carbistan gave me a bag of Swerve sweetener. I’ve been afraid to use it, because I get freaked out by new things. Today I used it. I love it.

4.5g CHO/scone. WHAT THE WHAT?

4.5g CHO/scone. WHAT THE WHAT? Make the scones.

This is what I made: gingerbread scones from All Day I Dream About Food. I didn’t take pictures while I made them because I was pretty sure they’d be gross. Instead they were TRUE LOVE.

They’re also very easy to make.

Here's the scone with a chrome filter.

Here’s the same scone, but  with a chrome filter. SCONE.

My only tweak was to the frosting. It was supernaturally sweet when I followed the directions, probably because I did not have the powdered Swerve listed in the recipe. So I chucked that and made a batch with 2T granulated Swerve, 2 T cream, 1tsp. molasses, and about 1.5 T soft butter. This made a thick but dribbly glaze. I added the molasses to make the glaze’s color more Starbucksian. (There used to be a maple scone there in the late 1990’s that was—never mind. But it had this glaze. Oh lord.)

We especially liked these when the glaze hardened up a little bit, but that took a few hours and we’d eaten most of them by then. (The recipe calls for cutting the dough into eight scones.)

I will definitely make these again. BONUS: I am now unafraid of the Swerve.


Do you ever use a FitBit to see how you’ve been sleeping? I can’t say I recommend it. When I see how bad I am at sleeping, I feel even more anxious and insomniatic. Hurry up and relax! It’s almost Christmas!IMG_1351(1)





  1. Scott E · December 21, 2014

    Ah, the sovereign nation of Lower Carbistan … that rings a bell from somewhere. Aren’t they the ones from the oil-rich region of Central Asia who aggressively fight the use of starchy corn-based ethanol as a biofuel because of its insulin-demanding characteristics?

    Maybe I’m just confused. But a fresh batch of those gingerbread things sure sounds good!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lisa D · December 23, 2014

    So happy you took the Swerve plunge-I have a bag in the pantry as well and haven’t tried it yet! Will bust it out for a Spiced Pecan recipe…and yes, the fitbit is a reality check-especially when it reports that you slept 5 hours and were awake 8 times…
    Thanks for the recipe!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karen · December 23, 2014

    Yum, those look and sound fantastic!!

    Liked by 1 person

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