Celiac Tax Deduction

This is nice: the added cost of gluten free food can be taken as a tax deduction if you have celiac disease and a doctor’s note.

But you have to have had a gluten free diet prescribed by a doctor (We have that!)

And you have to save every receipt. (Fine with me.)

And you have to keep all of the receipts organized. (I can do that, with pleasure! I’ll use some of the money I’ll save here.)

And you have to document the difference in price between your GF item and the comparable standard item. (No sweat. I can do math: almond flour is $12/lb.; wheat flour is less than $1/lb. That’s $11 right there—times 52 weeks/year, just for FLOUR. This is going to be en feugo!)

And the total difference in cost between your GF foods and normal foods has to be over 7.5% of your income (This could be close, but I think it will be!)

And you can deduct only the portion of your GF tab that is over 7.5% of your income (Oh dang, that’s going to be pretty small.)

And this is a tax deduction, not a tax credit. So your savings will be your tax rate x [the amount over 7.5% of your income you spend on GF food, minus the cost of plain food.]

So basically the idea is you drive yourself crazy for ten bucks. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say that this will not be worthwhile for most people.

However, this tax deduction would benefit someone with documented celiac disease + low-enough income/lives on undocumented trust fund (so can afford lots of expensive food) + huge appetite.



4 responses to “Celiac Tax Deduction

  1. Ann

    Is this deduction separate from the general medical expenses deduction. It too must be more than 7.5 percent yada yada. Combined perhaps with other non reimbursed expenses, the celiac deduction might be worth the hassle?


  2. Mary Margaret

    It’s worth it if you have a flexible spending account. I only do it at the end of the year if we have money left in the account.

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