More Foods for Nerds to Love

Current state of food beliefs = post-Paleo vegan with extra smoked salmon. And yogurt.


In a small saucepan, bring to a boil 10 ounces frozen raspberries and 1/4c water. Reduce heat to a simmer and smash the berries around until it looks like runny jam. Stir in 2T chia seeds. Turn off the heat and let it sit until the seeds have jelled up. Incredible. Store in a twee jar.

That’s My Jam

We stopped at an exotic grocery store in NJ: Wegman’s. They had this yogurt and we liked it very much. It was $2.75 per cup.

I looked up how to make chia jam. I made my jam with frozen raspberries (one 10 ounce bag), 1/4 cup of water, and 2T chia seeds and no honey or sugar. The jam is very sour. Copying Wegman, we eat the jam with plain Greek yogurt. We like it this way, but it is so sour that if you eat the jam and then eat a slice of grapefruit, the grapefruit tastes like Jolly Ranchers.

I also tried eating a leaf of romaine lettuce after eating the jam. It tasted like a romaine Jolly Rancher. YUM!

Hot Morning Beverage

I saw this* and tried it and we (three out of four people surveyed) loved it. It was YUM. The one dissenter was put off by the sight of the prunes going into the blender. Actually, those were dates. (*It’s hot chocolate made in Vitamix.)

That made me think: dates. Dates are like a mango on top of a banana. Aren’t they the highest glycemic food in the world? (No. They are not.) So I tried this: reduce the dates. Add stevia. Reduce the dates more. Add more stevia.

And then I saw this and this. I did not make those, but reading the wonderful Elena’s Pantry recipes—ah, I get it! Now I know making a hot morning beverage is like making a smoothie: you just need flexible amounts of a few set components and a blender.

My cocoa formula has most recently been: 2c unsweetened coconut milk (carton kind), 1.5T cocoa powder, 1/2t cinnamon, grated nutmeg (about 1/5th of a...nut?), one glob coconut cream, 5 dates (ordinary kind), and 3 drops each of vanilla and chocolate stevias.

One winning combo has been: 2c unsweetened coconut milk (carton kind), 1.5T cocoa powder, 1/2t cinnamon, grated nutmeg (about 1/5th of a…nut?), one glob coconut cream (the solid, fat kind), 5 dates (ordinary kind), and 3 drops each of vanilla and chocolate stevias. Blend on high until hot.

HMB Template

Serves two. Adjust everything up or down prn.


A liquid: unsweetened coconut or almond milk; or cold, leftover coffee or tea (2 cups)

Flavors: this could be anything. I like cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa powder, raw cacao, shredded coconut in any combination. (Starting points: 1T cocoa powder, 1 tsp. cinnamon)

Fatties: coconut cream, almond butter. (Ballpark: one glob/3T)

Sweets: dates, honey, maple syrup, a Snickers bar, or (if you’re not carby) stevia. (Maybe start with 5 medjools, 12 normal dates, a T of maple syrup or honey, 5 stevia drops.)

FullSizeRenderWhizz on high speed for four minutes. (Noisy!) When you take the lid off, it is like cracking open a dishwasher as the sanitize cycle ends. Whorls of steam pour out and smell great.

Pour into two cups. We have been topping these HMBs with whipped cream, unrelated to any food belief. The CHO count is mas o menos, depending on the sweets.

I have a dream of making a PSL HMB with 2c cold coffee, a glob of canned pumpkin, a glob of coconut cream, dates/stevia, and a T of pumpkin pie spice. I am 50% certain this will work.

A Thought

nutmeg : tree nut allergy :: buckwheat : celiac

A Book

samuraiThis is a good book. I love all of these salads, except for the ones with freekeh or farro or seitan. A really lovable one of the salads has shaved brussels sprouts and grilled apples.


This is a huge book. I use it exclusively for the green beans.

Vast Amounts of Green Beans

One person here isn’t very enthusiastic about vegetables, but he eats a lot of green beans. So we’re making a lot of green beans. Remember the Schezuan Green Beans from Big Vegan. That is a note to self. (You just cook a ton of green beans in a hot wok with some oil, then dress them with minced ginger and garlic and tamari and hot pepper fleckers.) (Or you just cook a ton of green beans in olive oil and sprinkle with salt.)







  1. Scott E · December 3, 2014

    Wait a minute… You were in New Jersey and you didn’t tell me? That makes me upset.

    Also, do tell where you got the classic NYC “We are here to serve you” cups for your home!

    And…I never try any recipes I read online (or anywhere for that matter), but I just may need to do this. The ingredients are flexible and the whorls of steam are mystifying.


    • Katy · December 3, 2014

      We were on both Routes 287 and 202!


      • Scott E · December 3, 2014

        The block where I live intersects 202…and the house at the other end of the block backs up against 287. So I’m on both those roads just about every day! (Though the two roads intersect a lot, so you may not have really been in my neighborhood).

        Liked by 1 person

  2. mollyjade · December 3, 2014

    Try the 70s tofu recipe in Salad Samurai. It’s great. I’ve tried many many baked tofu recipes, and this is the first one I’ve actually liked. (I’ve tried so many because it always sounds like such an easy, filling low carb snack.)


    • Katy · December 3, 2014

      I love that tip. I have a similar history with baked tofu. I love fried tofu. I will love 70s tofu, but I would not have bothered to try it. Thank you.


  3. Karen · December 4, 2014

    Left-over coffee? What is this left-over coffee you speak of? I don’t think that really exists. You know, like left-over wine I’ve also see in recipies. Never come across it in my house . . . .


    • Scott K. Johnson · December 6, 2014

      Ha! That’s like left-over Diet Coke… It’s like an urban myth in my world. Has never been seen in real life! 🙂


  4. jenn · December 12, 2014

    I have thought about this a lot. looking at my cookbooks, oh, in this one I make that, and that one I only make this, but somehow I keep them. I thought about asking others what recipe do you like from this or that book …to see what others get stuck on.


    • jenn · December 12, 2014

      i need a vitamix, sigh
      i like your recipes, and I am not d or c


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