A Clustercuss

No amount of basal = enough. All day, all week, feels like forever:



stress from mother being stressed out/trying to hide it?


(followed by: was it a never-broken pump?)

child secretly eating delicious cookies sans bolus? (<—Would he really? Why?)

First oomph basal +50%, then +100%. Regardless, BG gallivant up graph like 300mg/dL is the goal. Reprogram deepest recesses of pump brain: raise maximum allowables across board. Fill cartridge all the way; no way site turn bad before insulin run out. Correct @ 1u/80 points. Correct @ 1u/65 points. Correct @ 1u/50 points. Not enough. Bolus @1:20. Bolus @1:15. Bolus @1:10. Never enough.

fernWonder: ever see hypo again? Oh, how crave triple buzz warning signal instead of incessant double buzz. Fern. Bigfoot lost in woods, curl up nook of giant tree root, die. Zzzzt, zzzzt.

At least there’s this: for the puberty club. Please write more things.

And remember, next A1c = quadfecta but this year quintfecta (add one fecta for parent not reacting quickly enough/appropriately to puberty.)



  1. type1dmom · November 30, 2014

    We’re going through this this week too. My conclusion: home sitting on rump much more because no school. Plus (for us) camping, eating out every day because out of town visitor, thanksgiving holy-carb-mother dinner, thanksgiving holy-carb-mother leftovers for days, lots of car time driving to touristy places with out of town visitors, general more lazy bones behavior. I expect bg to return to normal in the next 48 hours when life returns to normal I.e. Child goes back to school.

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  2. skchrisman · December 1, 2014

    I believe there is not a good mom way of responding to puberty other than to do your normal checklist, believe that insulin resistance is real, don’t get worked up over why there’s no control, and ride the wave. We’ve only had a few bad spells, and I put all of the above into practice. A certain red-headed gal who handles it like a champ has taught me well.


  3. Scott E · December 1, 2014

    I can’t answer any of these questions except one (and that one may not even be relevant to the discussion, so don’t take this as an implication that it is): because cookies are delicious.


  4. cbwinchild · December 2, 2014

    should I be concerned that you’re so exhausted you want to “curl up nook of giant tree root, die” or be relieved b/c you used that same phrase as a tag.


  5. Mary Margaret · December 9, 2014

    When I started to fill the cartridge all the way I ran into this thing where he had no insulin at a totally inconvenient time for changing out the whole set from body to pump. So I started to change the sets when it was convenient, leave the old tubing on until we ran out of insulin, and save the new tubing. Then when he ran out of insulin I could change the cartridge and tubing to the body.
    It sounds crazy complicated when I write it out. But it’s made my life a ton easier. Like this morning there was a low cartridge alarm 2 minutes before the bus came. I filled a new cartridge, smacked it in the pump, primed the pump, and he was off. Then tonight I’ll have him change the infusion set separately.
    I offer it up in case you haven’t thought of this option yet.


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