Freever Fever (Thanksgiving)

In October I made this gluten free fantasy statement in a message to our Thanksgiving host:

I’ll bring pumpkin pie, apple crisp, whipped cream, turkey, sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables and some snacky appetizers and seasonal bottles of seltzer. And an awesome salad? And cornbread.

Since then, Bubs has narrowed down his menu to: chicken wings, pumpkin pie, cornbread. I’m buying the pie. Whipped cream from a can. Chicken wings are easy to make in advance and, I think, will reheat well in an anti-gluten foil condom. The roasted vegetables and salad ingredients are easy enough to transport. On sweet potatoes: the host’s mother-in-law always makes marshmallow ones, and last year I made a gluten-segregated batch, but Bubs didn’t want any anyway. So I’m bagging that. But the cornbread. I’ve made a number of abysmal GF cornbreads. So I tried this.

photo 2

Everybody wants a taste. That’s right.

And it’s GOOD! It has a lot of carbs and a lot of butter, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Last year I also brought my own cutting boards/potholders/utensils along. It’s a big to do. A huge to do. Many All of our boat and tote bags are required. It’s made slightly worse by my inkling that the other guests think what I’m doing is cute-annoying and entirely unnecessary. And worse by me saying over and over again I know you think this is silly, but we really have to do it this way, and they smile/shrug.

And even worse by the fact that Bubs recently revealed that it super-stresses him out to have to have different food at large gatherings with other kids, and the kids at this gathering are all total normies. They wear sports team logo clothing and drink Coke (it might even be Mountain Dew) and watch football. They have crew cuts. And Jack can so easily swing that way, but Bubs can’t at all. And of course there’s not even a peanut allergy in the whole bunch.

So we’re the weird ones. I wish one of my brother-in-law’s sisters would marry someone with Tourette’s. That would be perfect. Oh my gah and I completely forgot the whole weirdness of counting carbs and testing and dosing and Dexcom vibrations. We need that sister to meet the Tourette’s man/love of her life ASAP.

So at least there’s this.

Mmmm. Buttery. I followed the directions for the buttermilk version and used half of the amount of sweetener and my sweetener of choice was coconut nectar, just in case the glycemic index rumors about it are true.

Mmmm. Buttery. I followed Pamela’s directions for the buttermilk version and used half of the amount of sweetener and my sweetener of choice was coconut nectar, just in case the glycemic index rumors about it are true. It’s really ferning good.




  1. cbwinchild · November 18, 2014

    we should make up a holiday to cook for together

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  2. Robin Jingjit · November 18, 2014

    Sorry you guys have to be the weird ones.

    My brain went into overdrive reading that, trying to figure out how to make it non-stressful for him. But I think there isn’t a way.

    Maybe pre-slice the pie and bread so you don’t have to flourish the GF knife… Get him a big plate from the get go so you don’t have to worry about his GF stuff getting contaminated (it always seems to, so I just get mine first and screw trying not to look like a pig) and then don’t worry about other people glutenizing the leftovers.

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  3. skchrisman · November 19, 2014

    Holy ferning hell. I feel wordless, but oh so not wordless on this matter. Rolling around in the part of my brain where fear lives is, “She’s in my life for a reason…She’s in my life for a reason…She’s in my life for a reason.” Can’t imagine. Trying to squelch irrational, but maybe not irrational, fear for our future. I think everyone in your families should chip in to buy you a big ferning house that has extra ferning super-sized space for entertaining, and a ferning gynormous industrial kitchen so you can host each and every ferning family event and holiday, feeding everyone the GF goodness that they too should be eating, and then Bub’s would feel totally normal.


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