I’m My Own Grandma


4g CHO. No chewing required.

Since braces have made Starbursts and full-sized glucose tabs impossible hypo treatments, I’ve started swiping sugar packets from cafes. I limit myself to five at a time, because in my imagination, five is the number I might add to a large tea or coffee, if I were the type.

As a tween, I’d cringe when my grandmother squirreled restaurant sugar packets away into her giant purse. Only now is it dawning on me that she may have done so for quasi-legit T1d reasons, and not for stereotypical giant beige purse/old Jewish lady/lived through the depression reasons.

Tealuxe’s elongated sugar packets fit perfectly in a Spibelt, tucked behind a Dexcom receiver. (((Swoon.)))


5 responses to “I’m My Own Grandma

  1. Funny because we were at Olive Garden last night carb loading (haha) and they have the stick packages too and I thought about stealing some.


  2. Pam

    Love it. I have a small stash of splenda packets which I take from restaurants which have it for the sole purpose of using in restaurants which do not. I have not yet started taking everyone’s oyster crackers off their soup cup saucers, but know it’s genetically inevitable.


  3. Almost every time I look in the mirror, I see my mother. I shouldn’t even look at photos because it is always my mother’s face. I think about my grandmothers a lot and wish I had more memories and photos of them.

    Yeah, it’s OK. It’s bag ladies like us who keep the world in orbit.


  4. Bahahahaha! So grandma! Here, put this in your purse. Actually, those sugar packets look perfect- not like the fall apart-y ones you see everywhere. I stopped stealing those.


  5. HELLO.

    Every single jacket and purse I own has handfuls of honey packets from Starbucks tucked away in the pockets.

    Ain’t even got any shame.


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