TrialNet (Argo)

So many notes to self.

TrialNet Anti-CD3 one-year follow up appointment.

FILM: Argo


Ben Affleck looks moderately concerned.

EKG, etc.: normal. Excellent health. Taller. Many lacrosse bruises.

OGTT: fasting 94 mg/dL. One hour, 231 mg/dL. Two hours, 210 mg/dL.


Endo says Well, this is not the official number. And he’s been here before…we’ll see what happens after we get the numbers back from TrialNet.

Nurse says and the glucometer we use can be off by like thirty or forty points, so…

Jack = unconcerned. His attitude is: I either have it or I don’t. I think there’s also an element of: even if I have it, it will be like Mom’s, and she doesn’t have to do anything. And he’s right**.  I’m valiantly refraining from meandering around my brain on this issue, except for:

Within a few weeks, we will get official results from TrialNet.

  • If official result is >200 mg/dL, schedule repeat OGTT within a few weeks.
  • If official result (or repeated OGTT) is < 200 mg/dL, continue with 2x/year OGTTs as per Anti-CD3 protocol.
  • If repeated OGTT is >200 mg/dL, figure that out then.
PERK: Joslin's TrialNet hotel includes amenities like this J.P. Licks ice cream sundae bar/welcoming station.

PERK: Joslin’s TrialNet hotel includes amenities like this J.P. Licks ice cream sundae bar/welcoming station.

**But my inkling is, for a child, The You’re Diagnosed Protocol will be something more than what is happening with me (i.e. doing pretty much nothing).

Meanwhile: me

TrialNet’s adored Joslin endo went over my August OGTT results with me.

In August, my OGTT was thisclose to merely abnormal when in the past year and three months they have all been deeply diagnosable, diagnosable, and diagnosable. And diagnosable. (Those links are just to past obsessive posts re OGTTs.)

Also on this data sheet: my A1c went from 4.6 to 4.9.

Also on this data sheet: my A1c went from 4.6 to 4.9.

ENDO: You see, at the end of the most recent test, you were at 201. If you had been at 199, that wouldn’t even be diagnosable as diabetes.

BIGFOOT: But 201—isn’t that like, what, plus or minus at least…five, so…

ENDO: Well, no. We have to draw the line somewhere, so 201 counts as 201.

BFOOT: At the one I’ll have this winter, if I’m under 200, will you un-diagnose me?

This time our room was equipped with the boyfriend jeans of toilets.

PERK: Our room was equipped with a giant toilet that made me feel like a tiny, delicate fairy. The boyfriend jeans of toilets.

ENDO: Well…no. We don’t un-diagnose people. Because once the disease progresses to your level, and the damage has been done to the insulin-producing cells…

BF: But could it be the gluten free diet? You know our younger boy was diagnosed with celiac exactly a year ago, so I haven’t been eating gluten, and doesn’t it seem like gluten…

ENDO: It could be. There is one [holds up index finger for emphasis of not-science] published case of a child diagnosed with Type 1 who reversed the course of the disease with a gluten free diet

BF: Is this that Scandinavian dude? [I was actually thinking of this Danish dude.]

ENDO: I’m not sure of his nationality. And you have to remember, it’s just this one case.

But I am already envisioning this headline:

Woman Cures Type 1 diabetes with Gluten Free Except for Beer Diet



  1. Need A Nap2 · October 11, 2014

    ❤ for you too! We started checking my (2nd oldest) daughter's blood sugar twice a week, once fasting and one time two hours after eating. It was fine, and then suddenly it was up and it was like a train wreck – I wanted to strangle the people at the dr's office who said to wait and get 3 days of numbers b/c I really wondered if she'd end up in DKA. Her #'s are better after just one day on insulin but I think the stress, crying, and apprehension of needles and shots are possibly making it worse. I'm praying for a long honeymoon! 🙂 So watch yourself and your son, sometimes when the time comes for insulin it comes on really fast.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · October 11, 2014

      I think I’ll start doing that, maybe on Tuesdays or some other neutral-seeming day.


      • Need A Nap2 · October 12, 2014

        Sounds good to me! I think your blood sugars are much better than mine when I first did the TrialNet blood draw. 🙂 My blood sugars didn’t magically get better eating gluten free in January. 😦


  2. Anonymous · October 11, 2014



  3. Robin Jingjit · October 11, 2014

    I hate being in a situation that makes me appear to think I am a special snowflake, when in fact I do not. It is dreadfulthat you are right on the edge like that and can’t just say “I do” it “I don’t” because I hate needing to give long explanations – I can just see people rolling their eyes in their heads as I try to make it quick. Ok lady…


  4. Laddie · October 11, 2014

    After all of the cured mice have drown in the beer, she tosses them in the garbage and slurps up the beer. But still not diabetic…


  5. Scott E · October 11, 2014

    But you DO have some Scandinavian (or Danish) blood (or beer) in you, don’t you?

    The odds of this reversing itself are quite slim, but you can’t just play the odds to state something as definite. I’ve been to doctors for issues (not d-related; I think) and been told that because something is extremely rare, that I can’t possibly have it. BUT THEY NEVER CHECKED.


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