Punchy, Sleepy, Itchy, Bitchy, Achy, Munchy, and Morose.


One bite and all your dreams will come true…

I like apples in September. I forgot they’re made of 100% jellybeans.

So I ate an apple yesterday. (Crisp, tart, and large. Mutsu.)

Mid-apple: felt like sleeping. (I am Snow White?)

Puzzled. Think. Realize.

Test: 180 mg/dL. Then I felt like sleeping and throwing a brick through the window.

Instead of drinking water, walking the dog, or another known beneficial thing…

I think she's more in the mood for an icy Diet Coke.

I think she’s more in the mood to keep sleeping.

I ate a granola bar. A fantastically carby variety of thing I’d never eat if not under the apple’s spell. I was not even hungry. Just wanted it like crazy. Then I really needed a nap. Mmmmm just curl up and sleep, and please wake me up in, oh, seven hours, when this feeling will have evaporated.

If I feel this way (unable to function, with affect somewhere on the apathy-nihilism spectrum) at 180, why does my son feel fine at 250? Is he just so used to sucking it up, wading through the molasses, and getting on with his life? Or do the molasses eventually go away? Molasses for beginners?




  1. cbwinchild · September 21, 2014

    did 30 days of paleo do this? (make 180 feel like hell)

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    • Katy · September 21, 2014

      Hmmmmaybe. Good point. I don’t know. It’s like: did my kombucha make me have a semi-permanent hoo hoo-hoo-hoo, or was it the hmm hmm HMM hmm?


      • cbwinchild · September 21, 2014

        i know. these bad medical theories just pop into my head.

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      • Katy · September 21, 2014

        i think all of your medical ideas have merit.

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  2. cbwinchild · September 21, 2014

    that is generous! ps: i love the tag for this post: “suggested dwarf names.” hilarious


  3. Laddie · September 21, 2014

    I have always felt great when I am high, except 1) if I am getting no insulin due to a bad pump site and 2) if I am mired in guilt due to too many chocolate covered donuts. I’ve always been amazed when people say they feel sluggish when their BG is above 140. Back when I was working, if I felt good at 4:00 in the afternoon, that meant I was high. It’s pitiful that I don’t feel as good with in-range BG readings.


  4. Scott E · September 21, 2014

    Like Laddie, I *used* to feel great – euphoric, even – when high. (Blood sugar high, that is. Not the kind of high that’s SUPPOSED to make you feel euphoric.) I even wrote a blog post about it a long time ago. But I think the feeling is all relative to what your “normal” is, and since my normal dropped (my A1C is now about half what it was in those days) those highs don’t feel so fun anymore. So it’s not the constant sludging-through-the-mud feeling that becomes accepted, but the “I am normal” feeling that makes it feel like it’s not a sludge-through-the-mud day.


    • Katy · September 22, 2014

      No way. No fair.


    • Katy · September 22, 2014

      That makes sense but boooo. Ketchup rumble strip and mustard rumble strip would both feel bad if I invented diabetes.


  5. type1dmom · September 22, 2014

    Angelina also feels perfectly fine at eye-poppingly high blood sugars (IMO). I had a 145 blood sugar that lasted 3 hours once and felt TERRIBLE and the next day I went to my dr and begged her to send me for tests, convinced that I was finally developing the T2 they’ve been telling me I am high-risk for for the past 10 years. Still no diabetes (of either kind) though. Highest bg went with OGTT that said dr sent me for the next day was like 130. “Perfect” bleh. If Angelina is 140 we are comfortable-ish and she feels great. But if she’s like 85, she is begging for juice or snack and saying she feels shaky and for sure she is low for real.


    • Katy · September 22, 2014



      • Katy · September 22, 2014

        Up side: feels her lows for sure.


      • Anonymous · September 22, 2014

        Surprisingly she only feels low in that 80-90 range. Below that and she’s like “I’m fine”. Heard that out of her mouth more than once when she’s in the 40’s. It’s hit or miss. Makes me so thankful for the Dexcom.


  6. scully · September 22, 2014

    I think it’s molasses for beginners
    when I get my beeges down for a long period of time (like weeks or months) the highs feel worse. I can’t translate but a bg of 15 now feels like it used to feel at 30


    • Katy · May 28, 2015

      I hope that’s in Canadian math.


  7. skchrisman · September 22, 2014

    Lane tells me all the time she just “pushes through” the yuck of highs. She knows when she’s high. However, she doesn’t feel the “sleeping like a log” 40 BG – as in THIS JUST HAPPENED LAST NIGHT. I might have to get her a DAD when she leaves my care. 😦

    Like CBW, I would have to think your system is revolting after all that restriction. If I deviate, I pay for it.


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