No Trouble

photo 3-4

Forensics reveal: seventeen minutes after this text was sent, subject was already taking a screen shot and planning her blog post confession.

JACK TO B: it’s no treble not no trouble.

B, UNCONCERNED, CONTINUES SINGING: …a little more booty to hold at niiight…

Bigfoot apparently similar lack concern. Give child phone for emergency, but not bother look at own phone. La la la.

“Feel like gonna faint soon…” Sent @2:13pm.

2:20pm child off bus in house. Did you get my texts?

BIGFOOT: (Reaching for phone) Nooo…

BUBS: I feel really low.

BF: (Reading) You even made a 2nd draft ❤ ❤ <—Not say out loud.

Photoshopped out the booty

If only.

BUBS: I was really low on the bus.

BF: Did you have something?

B: No. I didn’t know how much to take.

BF: Well it doesn’t matter the specific amount, just eat tabs or Skittles, just anything, whatever you can find in your bag. (Rummaging in bag.) You’ll always have a tube of Glucolift and some kind of…see, here, there are some Starbursts. Even blue ones.

B: (Testing with BG kit on kitchen counter) That’s why I was texting you. I didn’t know which thing to have. Fifty-six.

BF: Can you eat this banana?

B: (Eating banana.)

Original graph with bus ride fun unretouched.

Original graph with bus ride fun unretouched. I am so sorry.

BF: Next time, just get some sugar in your mouth and don’t text me first. Or if you text me, don’t wait to hear back from me. Or text me while you’re eating something. I’m glad you’re ok.

B: But next time, may you please read my texts?

One hand, touché. Other hand, if Bigfoot Bigfoot friend, not Bigfoot self, definitely give Bigfoot break. Sometimes skirt not have pockets, not always notice phone bleeps and buzzes right at moment of bleep-buzz. Pobody nerfect. Other hand, kid need help; confused, low person not operate peak brain performance. Need reliable text-helper. Why else child carry phone?

Next day, Bigfoot do better. Bubs at acting class. Middle of class, text arrive. Bigfoot ON IT.

photo 1-1

*Note: zero time has passed between the child’s text and parent’s response. **Witness the helpful yet not pandering demeanor of the parent. ***Attempt at cheerful closure.

Bigfoot TOO on it:

Plz stop.

Plz stoooooop.






  1. Diane Abraham · September 9, 2014

    I am sorry, but I am sitting in a restaurant by myself looking at your blog and laughing out loud! Look like a crazy person! I mentioned once before that my T1D son is 36 years old…..he STILL does that! Not same, now, but similar…I call it the low blood sugar monster….and the MOM becomes the villain attacking the sweet child! Hahahah! Ur the best Mom ever! He knows that and will always know it, but you will ALWAYS be the one their low blood sugar monster jumps on! Because you will ALWAYS be be the one who will try harder to make life better for your child and blame yourself if you think you made even one tiny error…,, don’t mean to alarm you (actually I KNOW I can’t! 😉 ) but try to remember every day that there are kids out there that don’t have US, and your children are blessed with that! It ain’t easy, but that’s what we do! You just amaze me all the time! God bless!


    • Katy · September 9, 2014

      Thanks for being so nice to me. I love that yours is 36 and still turns to you!


  2. Bigfoot just loves sweets that why he has diabetes! lol


    • Katy · September 10, 2014

      The hell?


      • scully · September 10, 2014

        Bahahaha!!! it’s like you spammed your own blog but it isn’t you!!


  3. scully · September 10, 2014

    I kind of get where Bubs is coming from.
    Oftentimes my brain is very confused when low (like everybody duh). Sometimes I have trouble making cognitive decisions. Should I eat a banana or dex? what kind of low is this? which treatment will gain the best result so that I don’t a)overtreat b)use something that doesn’t absorb fast enough and then I’m stuck feeling ever lower than I should be but the carbs aren’t working so I consume something fast like dex just to take the edge off and voila! end result is a high.

    no but seriously…. He totally should have shoved something, anything in his mouth. Or if he really IS that low and confused perhaps he should call you, not wait for text response. We all know how that works cuz sometimes texts don’t get noticed.

    just my 1 cent.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. laura · September 10, 2014

    It’s always when I run to the potty at work and don’t bring my phone. Sigh. I think this resulted in a good conversation. How can I support yet allow them to develop automated actions in times of low confusion? Is that even possible? And 1:00…hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

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