Suddenly: Bar Mitzvah

Arrowroot Cookies/passageway to adulthood.

The baby cookie with

Today you are a man.

I’m just so happy I know how to do these cookies! I feel like…a TEENAGER. Like I can just go? In this drawer? And open this bag? And weigh, it says, wait,  30 grams of cookies, and—I know, I know—but that’s twenty carbs, so, look, it’s like, then, I could just go? In the fridge? And pour myself a glass of milk? Like you see teenagers do in tv shows? But they drink out of the container, which looks like fun, but also kind of gross? But you know? It’s like how it will be when I have my own apartment? Just going in, getting food, weighing the food, doing the math or whatever, eating milk and cookies whenever I want.

Here suggested well wishes = applicable Arrowroot cookie day.




  1. type1dmom · September 3, 2014

    I love this! Although, ha, I’m pretty sure a teenager would grab a handful think “That’s about a serving” eat them, maybe remember to bolus, maybe not. Then drink some swigs of milk from the carton, guess how much and maybe bolus, maybe not. Ignore high alarm later when bolus determination comes back as: Error 404: Bolus not found.

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  2. gstabach · September 3, 2014


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  3. StephenS · September 3, 2014

    I’m my most professional gentile voice, I’d like to say: Mazel Tov.

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  4. skchrisman · September 4, 2014

    Much success to you in life my new little friend!

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  5. theperfectd · September 4, 2014

    Arrowroot cookies = memories after my diagnosis. Joslin Inpatient DTU + Nabisco arrowroot cookies + peanut butter was evening snack.
    Miss Joslin. Miss Nabisco Arrowroot Cookies. Miss my pancreas.
    But I digress. Arrowroot = yummy!!!!

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  6. Sara · September 6, 2014

    I have never had an Arrowroot cookie. I think that means I am not a man – whew!

    I will say one nice thing about living alone in MY OWN APARTMENT is the ability to eat whatever I want for dinner. I always have a good estimate of the carbs but sometimes there aren’t ANY fruits or veggies on my plate! 😛

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