Keeps the Tiny Doctor Away

Keeps the tiny doctor away.

Tiny, tiny apple.

Fasting: 101 mg/dL.

Everybody school: make breakfasts, pack lunches, walk dog, laundry, lovely lovely, same happy Whole 30 breakfast: egg, smoked salmon, raw greens.

1.5h pp, sitting here working/waiting for call back. Notice little bit oogy feeling w. head-throbs + thirsty. Test: 177 mg/dL. Now feel huge bit oogy/throbs galore/XXL thirst.

IMG_0446-1Only 177, but feels like: rip off head next person cross path and drink, drink, drink. And then, once hydrated, kung-fu kick next person in nuts. Also brownie sundae, please. Brownie sundae PLUS I GET TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE.

Drink drink drink.

Wait wait wait.




This system might also work/not work equally well with a large grape.

Come terms with. But. What is protein thing, person w. “frank” T1d + 0g CHO? Dose g protein/2 as if g CHO? But only if absolute zero g CHO or more like…under 10g CHO or more like…only if g protein = >5x g CHO? Raw greens some g CHO. So how many g CHO prevent system takeover via protein and is this even applicable for home remedy?

Next day, same breakfast plus tiny apple. Teeny-tiny. And no spike, or no feel-able spike. Test 1.5h pp = 141. Hmm.

Dog says maybe.

Dog says “Your struggle is futile although the tiny apple might have merit.”







  1. mollyjade · September 2, 2014

    Maybe your liver dumped some glucose into your bloodstream that first day because you didn’t eat many carbs? Or, diabetes is an unpredictable jerk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Scott E · September 2, 2014

      Why must it be one or another? Surely it can be both!

      (By the way, the empassioned desire to kick someone in the nuts is making me reconsider my hopes of meeting Bigfoot someday).


  2. theperfectd · September 2, 2014

    At 100, I’m like: Brownie sundae PLUS I GET TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE. So, you can’t use the “I’m 177” excuse. 🙂


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