Who Is This Brian Bosh and What Is His Favorite Cookie?

photo 1Wow. Dexcom on Mac. With pie charts and line graphs. And reports. Thank you Kim, Jacquie, & Kerri! (For mentioning it on Facebook.)

And it is SO EASY.

For me, it went like this:

  1. Install Chrome. (If you don’t have it.) (It’s free.)
  2. Go to Chrome Store. (It’s like the App store.)
  3. Buy (FREE) app: Dexcom Upoader. Not sure why it didn’t show up in a search under “dexcom.”. This links to it. I got that link off of Six Until Me’s post re Brian Bosh‘s miracle invention.)
  4. <<Insert here some brief confusion of me not knowing I’d need to be using Chrome as my browser (instead of Firefox) in order to use a Chrome app.>>
  5. Using Chrome as your browser, plug your Dexcom receiver into your Mac. INTO YOUR MAC! Launch app.
  6. BOOM. Beautiful graphs for your edification.
photo 2

Don’t worry about those 47’s. One wasn’t even true. He was like 112. Thank you, Brian Bosh!

7. Optional: now that you can see it, wonder if your standard deviation is OK, terrible, or irrelevant, or relevant but you’re already doing your very best, so…



  1. surfacefine · August 13, 2014

    Woo hoo! Can’t wait to try this later! xo


  2. Katie · August 13, 2014

    I thought you were showing us data from the bionic trial. Your charts are PERFECT!


    • Katy · August 13, 2014

      I’m trying to understand if my SDs are OK. I know you want it as close to zero as possible, but zero itself is impossible, but is this on a scale from 0 – 100? Googling.


  3. Larry Here · August 13, 2014

    NFW!? Awesome! I am jacked beyond belief to set this up. Later, after all this other stuff I need to do. Never woulda known!


    • Larry Here · August 13, 2014

      Oh, and no way I’m posting daughter’s pie charts. It’s been an ugly couple months!


      • Katy · August 13, 2014

        I wasn’t experienced enough with pie charts to realize what prize-winning pies these are. Immediately post-post, ours turned ugly as well.


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