A message to friends and family about our son’s type 1 diabetes:

This explains it perfectly. I wish I’d read this three years ago! “Imagine your only option for heating your house during deep winter is a combination of kerosene, matches, and a fire extinguisher, with no stove, hearth, or place to contain the fire.”

Luke's D Day

A few months ago, our son Luke was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and we’ve struggled to express what that means without overtly complaining. Result is, we haven’t said much. 🙂 So here’s a stab at explaining how our lives have changed and why we’re often glassy-eyed or distracted these days:

What type 1 diabetes is and isn’t:
It’s an autoimmune condition where your body attacks its own pancreas and kills the insulin-producing islet cells. Result: your body cannot produce insulin, and you need insulin injections (via shot or pump) every few hours for the rest of your life.
It cannot be cured, outgrown, or can it be managed via diet or exercise – that’s the more common “type 2” variety of diabetes, where the body still produces insulin but has become largely resistant to it.

Type 1 can be fatal inside a few hours if blood sugar drops drastically…

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  1. Melissa · August 8, 2014

    That’s perfect. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. krisfitz · August 10, 2014

    Wow – I feel like I’ve been featured in People magazine! I’m a big fan of Bigfoot – thanks for reposting! 🙂


  3. krisfitz · August 10, 2014

    Wow – thanks for reposting! I’m a big fan of Bigfoot – being sighted here makes me feel like a celebrity. 🙂


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