Cue At Least Three Choirs of Angels

As part of hitting the reset button on my life, I got two new cookbooks and returned to my full time work as a kombucha drinker.

To hit the reset button on my life, I got two promising cookbooks and flipped the ratio on my kombucha: diet coke drinking.

Whole d-scene drive Bigfoot up wall like hiccups or itchy skirt tag or simultaneous itch/hiccup. Simple solutions dawn on brain as if grace of God/sunlight beams from cloud—-but only if pause for moment/contemplate.

1. Dexcom receiver misinterpret Bigfoot button presses. Eg: calibration. Arrow DOWN or UP for enter BG. Before job complete, receiver misinterpret up/down as CENTER. Center press this moment indicate GO FOR IT WITH THIS NUMBER IT IS THE ONE I MEAN TO TELL YOU. One way out remain. Arrow RIGHT for CANCEL, but receiver misinterpret arrow RIGHT as CENTER, i.e. YES, THAT CERTAINLY IS THE NUMBER WHICH I AM SUPER-SURE I WANT TO ENTER AT THIS TIME. Fie! For weeks.

SOLUTION: Describe the problem and ask Dexcom for a replacement. (Dexcom says, “Sure. I’ll send a new one out to you via FedEx you should receive it tomorrow.”) <—Truly that easy.

2. Eons ago family agree Udi’s toast = not a breakfast. Only possible acceptable Udi’s toast use = under egg or holder for almond butter. Today, notice Bubs chomp Udi’s toast w. jam. What world come to? Seriously. Udi’s toast?! Udi’s toast? With jam. Lord. What kind of monkey show is this?

SOLUTION: Make Mary’s Doughnuts. Or, if a person is wanting jam, make almond flour biscuits. Make sausages. Make bacon. Freeze a banana. Make shaken chocolate milk. Cut up a melon. Make GORP. Make anything.

3. Never know how/what dinner. Every day lately salad-salad-salad & something grilled. Plus carrot sticks. Or this: Chipotle. Sick of. (It pretty lame Bigfoot supply Chipotle link, as if no one hear of/require illumination. It nutrition calculator page, at least.)

SOLUTION: These books. I think I love them. They include instructions on planning and preparing ahead, in bulk, so real food is always ready. The angle is paleo/Whole 30, so no wasted carbs and no crap. Every page is a ray of hope for the cook’s depleted brain. Two of my main IRL food advisers love these books. Adviser one: this. Adviser two: some kind of North African salmon thing which is not easily found in the index.

Also: new issue of this worthwhile GF magazine now available. Almost impossible to find, unless travel remote (Smithfield!) newsstand. Thrill of the hunt!

Transitive property that.

Transitive property that.

BONUS ROUND: I visited Camp Joslin to see all of the Bionic things. I don’t know what I can say. It’s not my story to tell. My child wasn’t there getting all suited up with the coolest thing in Betesdom. But wow. I love that thing. The people making it are so smart and nice.


I’m suffering from a dearth of enthusiasm here, but Rock Tape gave me a twinkle of possibly getting some back one day. And the BP people gave me a twinkle of possibility of getting a bionic pancreas, or at least some shelf-stable glucagon, of which I kept hinting they could slip me a jug, but which has not yet been invented and which they wouldn’t have slipped me anyway on account of ethics and laws.

And they use this tape to hold Dexcom sensors on. Which has these slogans on its adhesive backside.


Also this dog.

Also this dog was there.




  1. Diaun · August 6, 2014

    You make me smile. Thanks for being here and reminding me I need to make Mary’s doughnuts….I haven’t made them in awhile. The d-scene totally feels like an itchy tag!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melissa Joulwan · August 7, 2014

    Congratulations on tossing Diet Coke in favor of kombucha 😉 Thanks for the shout out to my cookbooks — glad they’re inspiring you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · August 7, 2014

      Melissa Joulwan! You are brilliant. I made two things from your books last night: the salted, strained, rinsed, and patted dry zoodles—->so much better than my previous untreated (soggy) zoodles. And the Chinese 5 Spice Ribs—>so popular with my family. Your books are like whoa. They are really something different.

      I can’t believe you came over here. Hi!


  3. StephenS · August 7, 2014

    Thanks for sharing all of this. Love that tape! And… I’m definitely making those doughnuts.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sharon Chrisman · August 7, 2014

    Those donuts look delicious. (Wonder what calories are per? Maybe 1/4th my 800 calorie day? Maybe make them on special special day.) I’m curious about your Kombucha: Diet Coke flip. Tell me more! Motivate me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · August 7, 2014

      Sharon, the doughnuts probably have one million calories but are pretty low carb! I live in a calorie-unaware bubble.


  5. type1tot · August 7, 2014

    Ok, not totally D-related, but I wanted to put you over the ray of sunshine edge w this link to the coolest dogs ever, scavenged from shelters and now doing conservation work like sniffing out orca scat for population studies. I just emailed them and said my boy would llooooooooove to take one of those off their hands when it retires. If sniffing out orca poop (not at all in normal dog life) it could easily sleep nightly next to my boy and calmly drop jar of glucose tabs on his head when he goes low.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · August 8, 2014

      Frehley and Pips!

      Love love love ball-obsessed scat sniffer dogs.


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