Eternal Sunshine of the Acquisitive Mind

photo 2

BD: !!! Somebody likes me!!! AD: Great. More things to jab into my skin.

Old times, arrive home big box front porch= exciting.

Bigfoot current state re: packages = not wish seem ungrateful medicine, but…unless telltale Boden polka-dot wrapper, porch packages generally—>melancholy.

Not Bubs. Today.

A package!

Check label…

And it’s for me!

BIGFOOT: Don’t get too excited. It’s probably from Dexcom

BUBS: But what if it’s a big Lego set?

BFOOT: I’m pretty sure—

BUBS: Or what if it’s an inflatable house, as big as our house, with two stories and a slide?

BF: That would be nice, but I’m pretty sure it’s—

JACK: Yeah, Mom. It could be a bouncy—

BUBS: With one of those water slides, like at Eli’s party?

BF: Okay

They open the package:

photo 1

Really, truly, I’d begun to think it was going to be a thrilling surprise, because nothing on the outside said Dexcom, San Diego, or any big clue like that.

BUBS: Well, okay. I’m going upstairs to play with Legos then.




  1. Laddie · July 17, 2014

    Given what you have gone through trying to get supplies recently, this seems to be a pretty good present to show up on your doorstep….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · July 17, 2014

      But-but-but…what I really need is for Blue Cross to smile upon me and grant payment for a *transmitter*. (Tiny violin plays mournful tune.)


  2. theperfectd · July 18, 2014

    There are days I want a bouncy water slides instead of what shows up in a box on my doorstep. I’m with Bubbs.


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