FFL2014: The Wisdom

Time for sort through notes/photos before forget entire experience.

Keynote speaker. Insanely likable Moira McCarthy.

Favorite part=

FAMILY FRIEND: (Inquiring re daughter’s infusion set) Do you have to take her to the hospital to get that thing changed?

MM: Heck, no. She does it in the back of the car. She does it at the Stop and Shop.

Other favorite parts: skiing in string bikini; reminder that it’s not about the scared mom, it’s about the kid; and overcoming fear takes super powers: nerves of steel. Many nominees for FFL Super Hero award. End of speech, winner announced: it Bigfoot*! Bigfoot really thought would be Meri Schuhmacher.

(*Full disclosure: everyone win top honor.)

Marriott World Center is a Pepsi-based System


Pal, Friend, Buddy, Alonso

From this sad fact emerge moment of grace: kind woman declare Bigfoot Diet Coke Sister. Scrawl note w. valuable tip: Alonso** in banquet tomorrow 11AM, works all day until 1AM. (Alonso = MWC employee w. secret stash Diet Coke.) (Cans.) (Ice also available upon request.) Eminently tippable service. Probably worth seek Alonso-type entrepreneur any time trapped in Pepsi sitch.

Person of future, please note: summer 2014 = Really special/fun Diet Coke time. Not only because Bigfoot recently give up giving up Diet Coke, but also because Diet Coke debut cans w. proper names (Abby, Whitney, Adrian) and affectionate nicknames (Buddy, Star, Go-Getter.) Some extra amount fun see which can mysterious Alonso deliver. Hope one day discover can label Alonso.

**Not his real name.

 Leaky Gut with Alessio Fasano


In a nutshell: you might as well eat baguettes until you know for sure you’re NOT one of the lucky ones, because a gluten free diet is a total pain in the ass.

<—It visual aid.

Everything in Paleo cookbooks re leaky gut, autoimmunity, evolution/diet = true, but not yet proven by real Massachusetts General Hospital science; hwvr, might as well not eat gluten if care about self at all. <—It Bigfoot takeaway, not really what Dr. Fasano said.

More notes; may be completely inaccurate:

Zonulin signals to tight junctions in small intestine endothelia: open & remain open; prolonged opening allows gluten & other crap slip through, into body. And body attacks foreign matter. PWT1D have too much zonulin. (Ergo leaky gut.)

Um, half of normal # of rats on gluten free diet not develop T1D. Theory: prevent gut leakiness, prevent T1D.

Gateway to understand leaky gut—> T1D = celiac disease.


Actual science document.

“We want your blood, but even more, we want your poop.” —Alessio Fasano

It TrialNet? It Dr. Fasano solo project? Not sure. But it research into microbiome. Require two poops, same household: one PWT1D poop  & one Normal Person poop.

Of course Bigfoot (role of PWT1D) and Bigfoot spouse (role of Normal Person) sign up. Official poop-gathering instruction from laboratory man = adhesive strips on “a coffee filter,” adhere modified coffee filter to toilet seat, create sample (tee-hee), fill three tiny tubes, everything else will just flush away. Bigfoot so excited science, attempt procedure in stall of conference hall women’s room, wearing ball-fringe trimmed dress.

Of course wind up kneeling on floor (w. highly identifiable ball fringe visible @door gap), many persons walk by as Bigfoot attempt cram poop “the size of a small blueberry” into test tube w. diameter much smaller than small blueberry. (Wait, do you think the instructions-writer meant like a wild blueberry from Maine? Shit.)

So cram, cram, cram, screw on caps, shake as directed, mop sweat from brow w. wadded up (fresh) toilet paper, then attempt everything else will just flush away portion of show. Flush. Everything gone. Phew! But then coffee filter return, hello. Flush again. Coffee filter remain. Hi.

Attempt use (not too terribly clean) specimen sticks as chopsticking device for cram sopping wet coffee filter into used menstrual items bin, then wipe exterior menstrual items bin w more (fresh!) toilet paper. It best Bigfoot can do for science.

Bionic Pancreas Still Awesome

Didn’t absorb very much new information about perma-awesome bionic pancreas; main point = since last time, many adults/kids tried it & it better than anyone imagine.

Prepare to swoon: Ed Damiano refer to Bionic Pancreas as the contraption. Refer to algorithm inside BP as the secret sauce.

38 months hence, boy Damiano—>college. Everything BP-wise thus far on schedule & FDA likely approve quickly because BP = class three medical device serving unmet medical needs. 

BONUS: listen this story NPR if have not yet done so & get psyched, all right, all right, all right.

That Was a Segue Into an Important Lesson About Cheerleader Dancing

Learned at FFL banquet: most important part competitive cheerleader impersonation is arms tight to sides, chin—>chest, eyes focus navel & march into position. Then look up, eyes ablaze. Follow this formula, observer never doubt what style dance attempting emulate.

  How to Be a Less Wretched Parent with Kerri Sparling and Adam Brown

Kerri sessions awesome, no news there, but Adam Brown (<–need better link) news for Bigfoot. Holy crap this person. Adam Brown = Bigfoot dream son. Prepare swoon again: said something like I can’t really address the whole teen rebellion thing, I was always a very agreeable kid.


  • If you’ve been high, 120mg/dL can feel low and panicky/sweaty/shaky. Try to get your child to watch a movie until the feeling passes. Do not treat it as a low.
  • Not talking about alcohol is definitively setting a child up for a problem (<–pretty sure Kerri said)
  • Sleeplessness leads to insulin resistance.
  • Air Travel: something called runway lows? We should disconnect a pump at takeoff and landing; the force sucks out/pushes in extra insulin. That being said, KS, AB, and most PWD do not do this.

  And Even LESS Wretched with Dr. Jill

  • PSYCHOSOCIAL SCIENCE: arguing and nagging associated w. higher A1c; critical parents associated w. more depression
  • How to “market your message” to your child. Make it a message of love. Be positive, proud, and happy.
  • “The diabetes sucks, not your child.”
  • Everyone is interdependent. Independence is a silly message. There is no independence.
  • The definition of “adult” could be: a person who knows when to ask for help.

Also those purple eyeglasses. Swoon #3.

Sleep Solutions with Dr. Bob

This session/Dr. Bob new for Bigfoot. Think will obtain magical secret for fall asleep after Dexcom buzz awake. Sadly it not so.

A lot of information about why T1D parent = fat parent. Because poor sleep —> fat, sleep apnea, worse sleep, T2D, grouchy, poor diet, fatter yet, etc.

Sleep = equally important aspect well-being as food & exercise.

Best advice: meditate. Put the monkey in a cage.

Other best advice: if can’t fall asleep & it’s 5am, just get up.

Pill popping to try: bedtime calcium & magnesium supplements.

Interesting for Bigfoot: Dr. Bob mention paleo diet = makes sense optimal health. Hrmmmm.

Mom’s Discussion Group

This session new for Bigfoot. Simply sit at table w. moms of similar-age CWD & discuss whatever.

Only notes:

Probably too chatty, not make notes. Seemed like several mums more than one CWD. Also everyone astonishingly good looking.

The Loneliness of the Conference Celebrity

IMG_0274-1Dreamboat American Ninja Warrior Kyle Chochran not listed as celebrity in FFL program, but as Sports Central staff. (The hell?) Notice not mobbed by fans except for Bigfoot & occasionally Bubs. Like when Aimee Mann housekeeper on Portlandia. (Wow, you’re Kyle Cochran. We love you. You’re amazing on that show. Do you know where the glucose tabs are?)

Also this guy from American Idol, eating breakfast alone at bar, unbilled, no musical performance. Bigfoot not approach because not watch this program.

Fame hard. Medium-fame probably harder.

Exhibit Hall Swag

TrialNet: free music download (song of choice!) and premium-ingredient chapsticks.

NovoLog: stuffed animals obtained via claw-grabber machine, same kind as at supermarket but w. claw capable of gripping prizes.

Sanofi: logo-free lunchboxes & tiny smoothies. Delicious. 5g CHO + whipped cream.

Dexcom: American Apparel T-shirts. Viking helmets.

Does any D-boy not base his look on Mr. Angell's?

Imagine a world with tiny Glucolifts.

CVS: “Glucose Bits.” Only have seen these tiny darlings at FFL. Came home with nine bottles.

Dream is Glucolift available as “bits” form by 2015, bionic pancreas 2017, cure 2024.

Isn’t It Great to Be Home?

How merry to be home. With dog. With non-economy spigot on faucet, effective toothbrush/hands rinsing ability. With know-able glycemic index foods. With internet friends back in box turn on-off anytime.



  1. Scott K. Johnson · July 7, 2014

    Ok, that Glucolift bubs picture is just the absolute best. 🙂

    So great to see you guys again! Love ya!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · July 8, 2014

      thank you for the diet dr. p!


  2. Bonni · July 7, 2014

    Jealous. But great summary, really no need to go at all now.:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · July 8, 2014

      I really missed you.


  3. Scott E · July 8, 2014

    I always feel bad when I laugh at the struggles and misfortunes of others, and given how much I laughed at your PoopNet story (seriously, did anyone think of fishing it from the bowl with a net?), I think I need to have a long session in confessional with my local priest…and I’m Jewish! But seriously, in the name of science, I thank you.

    Alonso sounds like a real winner! But a facility that only serves Pepsi products?… blech!

    Personally, I think it’s OK to rip into kids who rebel against diabetes every once in awhile. The lessons that stuck with me the most growing up are the ones where I was yelled at and made to feel guilty (usually about lying to my parents). And like Adam, I was a pretty agreeable kid growing up. But that’s just me…Your Child/Parenting May Vary.

    So, which color bracelet did you end up wearing?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kim · July 8, 2014

    Your swag summary makes Dexcom sound so mysterious! (Viking helmets?, one might wonder. Why??)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · July 8, 2014

      I was wondering why until I saw your T-shirt. It was some kind of warrior theme? I don’t really get it.


  5. Laddie · July 8, 2014

    At the end of a long day (and after a tasty goblet of Malbec), I am reading your post and Bigfoot has left me in the dust. FFL14 sounds as though it was fabulous and thanks for the update, even though most of it makes little sense to me. (Actually I had a second glass of Malbec.) Diet Coke, leaky gut, and poop are my take-away. Thanks, Katy!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Dolores · July 8, 2014

    Last year I went to the same leaky gut talk and left with the same impression … Should anyone be eating gluten?

    Lovely seeing you and your family again!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sara · July 9, 2014

    I see no note on this post, so that means this one was clearly written for me! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Sharon Chrisman · July 10, 2014

    Good God in Diet Coke heaven, Bigfoot Woman! You make kind woman howl with laughter. Pip howl too. You riot. I send you picture of me in poop outfit so you smile. Stuff, stuff, scrape, scrape, broke stick, damn!


  9. Need A Nap2 · July 11, 2014

    I wish we could’ve gone. I’m glad you found my blog again! Kudos to you and your husband for enrolling in the poop study. 🙂 Thanks for the overview!


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