Torn Between Two Lovers

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Today. Arrive @beach w. accurate, day 12-ish, super-insightful sensor. Awesome beach day yadda yadda.

Depart beach: sensor dangling off (forgot Flexifix tape overlayer; it Bigfoot bad), site hurt, low cartridge, one ton IOB for unconsumed ice cream (it all OK; 179 regardless), and Kadima shoulder.

Arrive home. Clean up selves, gear, car. Joe cartridge/site. Bigfoot sensor. Bubs Phineas and Ferb.

Walk dog, meh green curry, World Cup, washing up, yadda yadda yadda.

Finally, finally receiver buzz lucky double blood drops. Sigh relief. At last un-sandy, fed, site no pain, full cartridge, and gadget friend back on scene, kids’ bedtime. Yay!

Cap, strip, poke, squeeze, Verio IQ: 96. Entered. Blood drop/green check. Strip out strip in poke squeeze II, Verio IQ: 99. Entered.


Why. How.

Dexcom immediately: LOW.

WTF? How Dex want Bigfoot interpret this message:

  • Test again
  • Your meter is talking out of its ass anyway
  • Try entering 90-something again
  • Don’t look at me, I’m new


Who gave the little man behind the screen the authority to proclaim an arrow direction that flies in the face of the only data he has been given?

Who gave the little man behind the screen the authority to proclaim an arrow direction that flies in the face of the only data he has been given? How can you even sense a trend when you are a total newcomer to this interstitial fluid?

Ok, ok. Cap-strip-poke-squeeze Verio IQ: 91. Hmm. 91 < 96, but…not arrow-worthy. Enter 91 into Dex, even though (obvsly) too soon calibrate again and not straight arrow. Dex reply 68. Balls!

Love Dex & so much faith, feel 85% sure turn out Dexcom right all along. But every resource say trust meter over Dex, especially a new, settling-in sensor.

For now pretend Dex still off, just use meter. Or use Dex. Or use both.

10:10PM Dexcom wails: 43! Verio IQ 91 again.

I accidentally clicked on publish before I was ready. That’s a bad feeling.




7 responses to “Torn Between Two Lovers

  1. melissabalandlee

    Dex is still picking up information like direction in the 2-hour warmup. You’re just blinded to it. Once you enter calibration values, it can then report a numerical value and a trend arrow. I’d trust the meter, perhaps, but I would check again in about 10-15 minutes because it might have more information than you think it does.


    • Katy

      So it’s thinking and planning while it’s “wetting” ? I thought that it was literally just making sure it was saturated w isf before even trying. This is so cool to know.


  2. I was recently wondering … while we wait the 2 hours after a sensor change … is the dexcom collecting information? Taking BG readings? And just not displaying them? … my guess is yes … and that’s why when we enter our 2 calibration numbers a different number is often report … but that’s just a guess

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    • I just read melissabalandee’s reply … and now I feel like a copycat …

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      • Katy

        I remember asking The Gary Scheiner about this (or, anyway, about why the Dexcom asks for information, and then adjusts in the OPPOSITE way from what you enter) and he said, “There’s a little ego there.” HA HA HA!


  3. At my local JDRF meeting last week, the DexCom rep said one of their ultimate goals is to eliminate the need for blood sugar checks. Period. The sensor accuracy would be so high (think above 90%) and they would do factory calibration. All the user would have to do is insert the sensor and it would rock and roll.

    Can you imagine the money you would save if you didn’t have to buy test strips ever again?!?!?!

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  4. Rule #1 of Dexcom sensors: Never trust a first day sensor. I love my Dex, and except for day 1 & day-been-on-way-too-long, it’s the most accurate out there for me. I’ll take the 2 days of wonkiness (out of the 14+ I wear it) over not having it at all!

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