Good Things XVII


Don’t worry, ma’am. Your insulin pump will be fine buried under these enormous sand breasts.

Topics: Revisiting Beach, Zoodles, Lunchbox Finale, Spibelt Hack


Beach season. Squint brain remember lessons of past D-summers:

-keep the meter/strips in the cooler but not right by an ice pack

-use the placeholder clip when disconnecting to swim

-bring a ton of drinks and snacks, esp. if boogie boarding

-bring a can of compressed air (to blow out a sand-clogged site)

-it is better to get buried with the pump clipped in place than to get buried with the placeholder clip in place or to not get buried at all

-removing the pump for swimming and plugging back in for land sports is a temp basal of its own. Remember that when you try to apply beach-math to your reasoning

Mr. Noodle’s Brother

Works like a pencil sharpener.

Works like a pencil sharpener.

First time zoodles. Spiralizer = little Gefu. Zucchini = diameter slightly smaller than that of little Gefu (maximum efficiency.)

Into the Gefu goes the flower end of a zucchini. Twist it; out come the long, pretty, and funny zoodles. What's left over is a Seussian zucchini core. I used two 8-inchers.

Into the Gefu goes the flower end of a zucchini. Twist it; out come the long, pretty, and funny zoodles. What’s left over is a Seussian zucchini core. I used two 8-inchers.

Recipe went like this: spiralize one 7 – 8″ zucchini per person. Sprinkle with salt, toss around, and allow to drain in a colander (on a towel or in the sink) for however long you have. This is sogginess prevention. Heat up the biggest skillet you have over a medium-high flame. Add olive oil and a minced clove of garlic. After a few seconds, as soon as the garlic starts to smell great, add the zoodles and toss around until everything’s hot and steamy. 

Easy to twirl.

Easy to twirl.

The end. Used this carb count: 7g CHO/medium zucchini. Subtract 2 of those g for fiber if belief system allows. So 5g CHO and yum.

Ate first zoodles with this thug salad. (<—good salad.) (Not low carb/paleo but vegan.)


Lunchbox Crap: It’s the Last Week of School


IMG_9913Tiny packet nutella + 15-ish gluten free Snyder’s pretzel sticks = 20g CHO. Bubs comment this pretzel taste like burned marshmallows. True. Better than normal people pretzel.



Clear as the View Through a Robber’s Pantyhoseface

photo(1)Didn’t know Spibelt: Dexcom :: pantyhose: old timey bank robber. Thought Bubs fake-look @Dexcom. Just tell me what it says. (I did, I swear, Mom.) Hey, great feature, Spibelt! Now that Bigfoot know about, unzip feels like: takes forever or even as long as starting a car with a key feels after you’ve had a loaner car that starts with a button.




  1. Katie · June 19, 2014

    I love seeing pictures of families all eating what the diabetic/celiac needs to eat and just knowing that’s the new normal. I used to feel somewhat guilty/bad that I was “making” my significant other eat low carb meals, but he dosen’t complain and doesn’t miss “normal people” food. It just makes me happy when we can get support from those who matter the most to us.

    Sidenote: The other night a commercial came on for a new meal deal at KFC (or some other horrible place) and he looked at me and said, “God, it’s just one giant shitload of carbs. Who eats that stuff?” and my heart swooned.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · June 19, 2014

      Have you heard beloved comedian Jim Gaffigan’s riff on some pizza chain’s pasta that comes in a bread bowl? (I only heard of Jim Gaffigan this year so I think about him all of the time.)


      • Katie · June 24, 2014

        Yes, he is fantastic. Check out a show calle “My Boys” some night when you are bored. It was on TBS and I think you can get it online. He’s one of the characters.


  2. Laddie · June 19, 2014

    Have you ever considered the untethered approach for beach time? I do it for a week or more at a time when going on beach/water vacations and wrote a post about it last summer:

    On Monday evening’s DSMA ‘Rents show, Melinda Vahradian was interviewed and indicated that her son (a very active athlete) often used the untethered approach all of the time in his teen and college years. You can download it off iTunes podcasts, or listen on the computer:

    Dr. Steve Edelman wrote the definitive article on it in 2004:


    • Katy · June 19, 2014

      I love this idea. This is a really good one. I’m going to read all of your links! Thanks.


      • shannon · June 29, 2014

        L used to go untethered for soccer tourneys! i think it inspired here to go full nonpump this summer.


  3. gstabach · June 20, 2014

    gluten free snyders!!! WHERE!!! 🙂

    i bought this… i think i need a GEFU instead!!!


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