It’s The Beer

IMG_9895Last week I tried to re-boot the part of me that cares about myself. I mean in terms of diabetes.


The one-minute muffin sets a serious KM60 tone for the day, and makes the consumer unhungry for many hours.

Part of the problem is putting it all on auto-pilot. So many carby things have ceased to seem like food to me: pasta, rice (usually), oatmeal, any potato thing (well, not sweet potatoes), chocolate except for certain kinds I really care about, any kind of muffin-cake-bread. Congratulations, me.

But lately I’ve noticed myself doing bullshit moves like: eating a banana on the way home from the grocery store. Eating the remainder of a box of blueberries after having a modest number of blueberries with plain Greek yogurt. Mindlessly downing entire heads of lettuce that I’ve left out after making a sandwich. And then those Trader Joe’s plantain chips: the bag’s too big for the boys to split, but too small for there to be enough left over to save for the next day. (Down the hatch!) Also: beer.

One day last week I held an intervention on myself. I tried to really notice what I was eating. I squinted at my food and took pictures of it and jotted down the carbs.


2pm and still a model patient!

I counted this as a zero. Probably incorrect.

I counted this as a zero. Probably incorrect.


I didn’t even want this. I’d cut open an avocado for something else and didn’t want to get into a whole elaborate lemon juice/wrap-up procedure.


Anything for you, dear.


No regrets.


While cooking/making-avoiding other people snacks I probably ate about one pound of cashews.


Gluten. Carbs.



7:30pm Dinnertime, at last! I had lost count of the carbs, but doesn’t this look like an excruciatingly correct dinner? Planned by Morning Me.

By 6pm on Study My Food Day, I didn’t care. After the Providence commuter traffic (it’s not that bad, but) on the way home from the GI clinic (not a stressful appointment, but) I wanted a beer. A biggie. When I walked through the door into our house, I could feel the beer hitting my throat. Somewhere on the drive home, I’d lost track of what is always so important to Morning Me (gluten free/low carb/gentle pancreas treatment) and did what comes naturally to evening me (beer and massive snacks.)

New goal: do not buy beer. Do not drink beer. Try to remember to care all day, not just morning/afternoon.

Recommended reading if you want to vividly imagine how what you’re putting in your mouth acts inside your body: Gary Taubes’s Why We Get Fat. (I read it because Laddie mentioned it.)


19 responses to “It’s The Beer

  1. It’s hard to care “all day”. Morning and afternoon are easy for me, but the carb monster comes out of his cave after dinner.

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    • Katy

      thank you for this. I have not yet had a GF beer I like. I think it is the combination of alcohol and gluten that gets me. (Kind of like how Diet Coke needs to have caffeine to round out the experience!)


  2. I think of you now every time I’m picking at my kids’ food as I’m preparing it.

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  3. I read this while sitting on hold trying to order a new DexCom transmitter. Kill me now.

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  4. Whoever it was who told me, back in 1981, that vegetables were a “free food” doesn’t have a clue what they’ve done. I’ll find myself sitting at the table, eating a head of lettuce, a pack of radishes, or/and a green pepper, because I’m hungry and “I can”. (I learned, the hard way, that carrots aren’t like other vegetables). Now I know that’s not entirely true… there are carbs in there somewhere… but the damage is done. Whoever it is who told me that has ruined me.

    And if the person who told me that is my mom (it very well might be), I take it all back. I’m sorry (and I forgive you).

    As for beer….they don’t teach that to seven-year-olds.

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    • Katy

      There should be a “Lettuce Isn’t Free” bumper sticker in the “Freedom Isn’t Free” all-caps, black, bold serif font. Lettuce is basically a colorless Kool-Aid packed into cell walls. But worse than Kool-Aid, because it seems all “free.” But then again, the “free lettuce” people probably don’t think of a person eating an entire head or two/day. Crap.

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  5. Your post makes my evening dietary choices look positively criminal. And beer….mmmmmm. I used to make beer. Imagine having about a case worth of beer at a time just waiting to be consumed. A little today, a little tomorrow. It all adds up. Around my waist.

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  6. Linda

    You have a twin in Idaho. Evening me raises her glass to D and GF and war within.

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  7. Kim

    I want to reach that stage of enlightenment where I somehow eat an entire head of lettuce and enjoy it. Please teach me your ways.

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