Home on the Range

A no-hitter is maybe kind of a silly goal, but irresistible. I want one. I do not believe I have ever seen one around these parts, but every day I anticipate its arrival.

Press the button:


I love you.

Back up to take a longer view:


Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Six hours in paradise! This is the beginning of an awesome new era.

Do I dare back up to the 12-hour view? Why yes, I do.


Still looks AMAZING. I remember that low. It was not even a real low, just a calibration moment. We are on a ROLL.

And the 24-hour? Dare to look? Could it be what we’ve been waiting for?


No. This is not it.

 Begin again.



  1. Erin Weidner · May 29, 2014

    Hey! How’d you get into my head?! I am laughing aloud at your posts. Thank you for writing so cleverly about what any of us Dexcom users think. I’ll have a smile on my face all day, and the next time I scroll back to peek to the 12 hour and then 24 hour views to glow in my prowess (ha!) I’ll think of you. Grazie.


  2. Laddie · May 29, 2014

    Scott Johnson posted a companion piece to this today, but he was smart enough to only show the 3-hour screen….


  3. Dolores · May 30, 2014

    the best part is that your overnight numbers didn’t hit the red zone … which means no middle of the night buzzing! That’s even better than a no-hitter


  4. Sara · May 31, 2014

    24 hours is a very long time!


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