The Mysterious Dexcom Society

This week Bigfoot wear B’s old Dexcom. Algorithm very mystery. Today:photo(2)

Data summary. For compare.

124 straight arrow (134 entered for calibration) Dexcom updates number to: 121 straight arrow

124 straight arrow (119 entered for calibration)Dexcom updates number to: 125 straight arrow

6 responses to “The Mysterious Dexcom Society

  1. Calibrations are always somewhat of a mystery. One thing to remember is that it is not calibrating to a static number and although your arrows are straight across, it still may be reflecting the recent movements of BG. That being said, it is a wonder that all of us aren’t completely bonkers. Or maybe we are….


    • Katy

      Right. And so lately I’ve noticed it will sometimes display an up arrow even if the current reading is a blip down from the previous one. So the arrows are for—what they said they’re for? Trends? S l o w l y she gets it.


  2. stacey

    I thought that I was the only one who put question marks at the beginning of my sentences and used graph paper when not making graphs.


  3. I think (just a suspicion, I have no knowledge to back this up), Dex knows that test strips have a +/- 20% margin of error… so if the fingerstick is within a reasonable margin of the CGM, it just keeps on humming along as it was with no changes. One sensor, over a week, will be more consistent than a bunch of different test strips possibly made at different times.


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