DBW #7 I Like

You can only touch the strippers once.

Being lead to this. (<—totally new to me & a lot to read!)

For people who love to think about breakfast, I liked this post (an icon having an ordinary problem) and then the variety of responses after it.

This made me laugh. (Try not to drool.)

The Listerine hack. Sippy cup hack. Annoy me at another time hack. A new excuse to buy tiny stickers. A snapshot = so much better than a Post-it note that has lost most of its adhesive. Red wine as pizza restraint.

Hard parts. This list of downers buoyed me, as did having my attention drawn to this important anthem.

Thank you to Lovely Karen for creating this special week.

As we wrap up another Diabetes Blog Week, let’s share a few of our favorite things. This can be anything from a #DBlogWeek post you loved, a fantastic new-to-you blog you found, a picture someone included in a post that spoke to you, or comment that made you smile. Anything you liked is worth sharing!






  1. Great rundown! And thanks for the link-mention… that Listerine strip hack had me worried about minty-fresh accuracy (or inaccuracy), but it’s worked out well. And love the rest you mentioned — some I hadn’t seen, so good to find them!


  2. fifteenwaitfifteen · May 19, 2014

    LOVE the Savvy Diabetic one! I hadn’t come across that blog before, so now I’m following it, of course – thank you!!! (and also thanks for the mention – I always knew we liked the same kinds of tunes 🙂 )


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