DBW #3 Mental

He's not worried.

Grover is not worried.

DBW #3: Mental Health.

The hardest part is continuously feeling like I might not be doing this (i.e. diabetes in its entirety or any of its zillions of picayune parts) correctly.

At baseball: B’s low. Joe gives him glucose and it’s time to go into the outfield. He trots out, way out, into right field still chomping a tab. This feels wrong. Technically, I guess, we should have him stay in the dugout until he’s not low anymore. But who decides the technicall-ies? Certainly we are by now beyond the Pink Panther book level of sophistication. And nothing happens in right field; he can just stand still there while he recovers instead of sitting still in the dugout. Do I worry too much? What would (Famously Mellow Person) do? Probably would not still be thinking about—

and then the friend next to me says, “Look at B.” Brain flash he fainted. I look. He is doing the Jimmy Fallon/Will Smith history of hip hop. But really well. Then everyone* is watching him. Cabbage patch. Running man. Do they think he is mentally disabled? Pop and lock. (Is he mentally disabled? I guess he is temporarily, but…) Do they think he is rude and disrespectful toward his team? The I’m About to Breakdance. I try to explain

He has really low blood sugar. He probably should not be playing. It makes him kind of loopy. It’s like he’s drunk—

(Don’t worry. I saw Joe give him some tabs.) Yeah, but it takes a while...

He is doing the Dirt Off the Shoulder part. (Don’t worry—look at him! It’s fantastic! I think he’s just feeling great from those tabs! His blood sugar’s back up and he’s like wooooo!) Everyone* laughs.

Is any of this okay? He’s wearing a Dexcom. (Good). Parents notice the Dexcom alarm. (Also good.) He tests his BG (Excellent.) He eats glucose tabs. (Bravo.) His parents send him into the field with low blood sugar and… (somewhere on the spectrum of questionable to criminally negligent.) If he weren’t such a good dancer, would it be more obviously wrong? Or does his technical proficiency make the display of parental neglect even worse. Is it wrong that I am kind of enjoying the dancing?

Reliable uppers:

  • I have REALLY nice friends
  • Icy Diet Cokes under a not-too-hot sun
  • Crazy skirts spouse finds on eBay
  • Reading fearless D-blogs
  • Grover

*This is probably not accurate



  1. gstabach · May 14, 2014

    what i would have done to see that! i think i would have been in tears with the awesomeness! only B!


    • Katy · May 14, 2014

      I wonder if he can do it sober.


  2. Katie · May 14, 2014

    I actually find it harder to stay still once I’ve treated a low. It allows me to think about all the horribleness happening inside of my body. I have to do something, even if that’s just reading the side of the box of crackers I just ate. Perhaps for Bubs, it helps to get back into the action versus sitting still on the side. As long as he’s not operating heavy machinery, I think it’s just fine.


  3. Kelley · May 14, 2014

    Aww I love this post!! (Not that he was low but how awesome he was when he was low!)


  4. Colleen · May 14, 2014

    Dancing when low – could be a whole new video thing for d-bloggers. 🙂


  5. Sara · May 15, 2014

    Don’t worry – we’re all just making this up as we go.


  6. Scott E · May 16, 2014

    Neglect? Bad judgment? Nah. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. It’s a quick, impulsive decision. Sometimes being left-out feels worse than being passed-out in left-field.


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