Stay Cool

IMG_9529Bubs’s hair stylist not only Bubs’s stylist but also Bigfoot friend. Usually haircut = odd-hours house call. This week haircut prime time in salon.

After cut, on way out, stylist friend murmur receptionist re fee, point to line on hidden price list. Receptionist murmur back, expression on face is in “be frank with me” position. Bigfoot think that’s irregular. Stylist friend murmur back, serious face too.

Bigfoot think oh no now something awkward is going to happen about the paying.

Stylist friend nod at receptionist, turn on heel, walk away, no eye contact. Receptionist deep breath and—Bigfoot think oh no, here it comes—and then receptionist hold small pager aloft—what I thought was going to be a $35 haircut is going to be, like, two hundred dollars—and then notice small pager has tubing…

Hey. I noticed your son. I have diabetes too. (YOU DO? Really? Really?)

Look around salon for Bubs. Bigfoot gush This is my first time!** Meeting someone in the wild! You know, like not at a diabetes event! Receptionist, perfectly calm, yeah I could see his–you see how his tubing is hanging out of his pocket? Bubs out in parking lot, balancing on mini-curbs, hop-curb-hop. Tubing bob along hop-bob-hop. Nice day, door propped open. Bubs! Come back in here!

Looks up from curb. Hwhuh? (Just come back!) Motion wildly arm hinge at elbow & rotate wrist come back-come back-come back motion. Finally Bubs return.

She has diabetes too! She has a pump! She noticed your tubing hanging out of your pocket! Because she has diabetes!!!

Bubs smile. Pull pump out of pocket. Receptionist already pump in hand: Medtronic. Bubs hold Ping. Both gesture pumps toward each other, barely perceptible genuflect. It’s like they naturally know how to be in this situation while I have taken on the role of world’s most enthusiastic and least-necessary emcee.

(**That is not true. I’d forgotten about my real first time.)


And for celiac, this.




  1. cbwinchild · April 28, 2014



  2. Katie · April 28, 2014

    This is one thing I miss with the OmniPod. I love that no one can see it, but I miss meeting other diabetics in the wild. Nice haircut!


    • Katy · April 28, 2014

      You could still ostentatiously test your blood sugar if you wanted to send out a kind of a mating call.


  3. Kim · April 28, 2014

    This makes me happy!


  4. StephenS · April 28, 2014

    Thanks for the Monday pick-me-up.


  5. Heather · April 28, 2014

    It’s very exciting to see another person with a pump / diabetes in the wild!
    Last week a teenage girl working at the McDonald’s drive through had a pump and we were both so excited! Acrually, I geeked out. I was like “looook! I have a pump too!” and I held mine up for her to see, as if she wouldn’t believe me without evidence. Then my kids asked why I didn’t have a fancy pump like the girl did.


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