Indoors, Outdoors, Slow: chicken

I love salad.

Chicken recipes for people who prefer salad.

Sometimes hard remember how prepare bird flesh, just stare and glistening mound, wonder. Therefore here = notes re boneless, skinless chicken. Three ways.


Hank & Willie’s Balsamic. This has morphed into: in a large Ziploc freezer bag, place two fat cloves of garlic (unpeeled OK), a big pinch of salt, a big pinch of dried rosemary, and a glug of olive oil. Seal up the bag and bash it all up with a rolling pin. Slip in six boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Seal up the bag and squoosh it all around so the chicken is coated in garlickyness. Marinate for the day or for an hour or for however long you have. Heat oven to 450. Lightly oil a giant cast-iron skillet and place the chicken therein, in a single layer. Bake for 15 minutes. Flip. Bake for ten minutes more. It is usually done by this time. Check by a health department-approved method such as thermometer, cut ‘n’ peek, or general vibe. Drizzle generously with balsamic vinegar. Extra credit: on the stove, sizzle up the vinegar with the chicken drippings so it gets all syrupy.

We eat this on Catherine‘s Greek salad. That is not a link to a salad recipe, but to something about bras. I described her perfect salad to the best of my best ability in the picture. Actually, I am sure the kale is incorrect. However, the chèvre is absolutely correct. I know because the master herself handed me the cheese.

This chicken is also great in a mango-Veganaise-lettuce wrap or other ladies who lunch with their gay-seeming husbands moment.

Chicken = maybe 1g CHO in vinegar.



Aleppo Pepper chicken marinated in yogurt, threaded on to skewers, grilled. Joe uses the real Epicurious recipe for this, thanks to the diabetes friends who told us about it. This recipe involves a great deal of slippery chicken handling (cutting and skewering), so you’ll probably want someone else to make it for you.

Eat with grilled zucchini, colorful peppers, red onions.

Chicken = 1g CHO in absorbed yogurt.

Slow Cooker

Get one jar of tikka masala sauce. It is the cream of mushroom soup of our generation. Dump this over a bunch of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and leave in a slow cooker (set to low) for 3 – 8 hours. Serve on cauliflower rice or basmati or a combination of the two.

You can even make this with rock hard frozen breasts. No lie. For a madcap twist, use korma sauce instead.

Chicken = 5g CHO in adhered sauce, more g CHO if more saucy.

That is all

Indoors, outdoors, slow. Enough.




  1. Katie · April 21, 2014

    Thank you for this. Tonight I had hit rock bottom and concluded that I would never have the motivation to cook anything again. It was so bad I actually paid someone to bring a Cesar salad to my apartment. Now I have 3 things I’m willing to try.


    • Katy · April 21, 2014

      Can you tell me if you ever make anything again? I need more ideas.


  2. Theresa · April 21, 2014

    Good ideas. (Also, thanks for the link to to Catherine’s stuff. Very appreciative of you and her entertaining me in this open air bar as I suck down wine- while playing nanny/governess to my own child in taking him to visit his dad in southern CA.) As for chicken- esp the boneless skinless type- it doesn’t taste like much so do whatever. I’ve used ground up Rice Chex or some GF corn flakes to make a breading for baked chix tenders. Not exciting, but it gets the job done. That was the most depressing sentence ever written about food. I’m sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karen · April 22, 2014

    Yum, I want to come to your house for dinner!! An easy (made a lot) crockpot chicken recipe I like is to throw a chopped up onion and a chopped up pepper in the crock, add chicken breasts, and dump a jar of salsa on top. Bam, done. I sprinkle shredded cheese over the top when serving and call it “Mexican Chicken” so Pete will be impressed (instead of calling it “Stupidly Easy Chicken because I’m Lazy”, which should really be the name).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cbwinchild · April 22, 2014

    hahahahhahahaa! i’m so glad you warned people that they weren’t getting my greek salad recipe. YOUR DINNER LOOKS LOVELY.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Scott E · April 22, 2014

    I like how you approach this with a sense of reality…. let it marinate for however long you have … check for doneness however you like.

    Also, I suddenly have the urge to bash something with a rolling pin (yet no desire to cook, unfortunately).

    Liked by 1 person

  6. tara · September 23, 2014

    I’m sorry for commenting on a post that is from five months ago, but your line “gay-seeming husbands moment” made me laugh SO HARD. My husband also has (many) gay-seeming moments. Salads. Owns more jeans and shoes than me. He cleans more/better than me (take all the chores!!!). His fingernails are longer than me. Sorry… TMI. But that was a hilarious line. Love it.


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