Mmmmboy. Sometimes, when I’m driving home dinnertime-ish, I would really like to swing by somewhere and pick up some flimsy boxes of hot food. Since celiac, I have not yet been to our local Thai restaurant. It’s because I have never been able to tell how much the manager understands me vs. the extent to which she is just amicable and efficient.

Maybe the Lonely Planet guide to Thailand would have helpful phrases, spelled out phonetically instead of in amazing curlicues. But even if I knew the mouth noises to make, I’d feel half condescending/half baboon attempting to speak a medical thing to someone who speaks English as a second language (extremely well) when I do not speak their language (at all.) And then there’s the tedious series of follow-up questions about stove areas or ladles or tin foil.

I do so very much want those boxes of hot food.

But first I must determine

  • Is it true Thai cuisine uses fish sauce, not soy sauce, and do you promise?
  • What secret code words can be used to guarantee 100% safety?

Imagine how amazing it would be to call a local restaurant, order some delicious, hot food, and pick it up in 10-15 minutes, and then bring it home and everyone would cheer. Massaman curry! Yay! That would be the life.

That would be amazing.



4 responses to “Hungry

  1. I have a really cool eatery card for each kind of cuisine written in English in one side and in native languages on the other. It includes what that cuisine might typically serve with gluten, etc. I will scan the Thai one and email it to you!


  2. Hey I can email you a note in Thai saying what you have to avoid. Want it? You could just hand it to her and smile!

    I hope it isn’t rude to ask- is she really Thai? Thai is kind of vogue right now, so I’m just checking. I’ve been to a few Thai restaurants run by people that weren’t Thai.

    The fish sauce thing is only sometimes true. There are tons of gf Thai choices but it’s not automatic.


    • Katy

      I would love that. “Please forgive my friend. Her family can’t eat any gluten or any things that touched gluten, and she can’t tell if you get what she means. She will pay practically any price to be able to eat your food. She is nice, even if she seems all uptight and/or obsequious.” <–something like that?


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