Hidden Sauces

On Sunday, mid-stupor, I attended the New England Celiac Conference.

This is what I remember:

1. 2. 3.

1. These are so flipping good. 15-ish g CHO/square. It’s like a nuttier, more finely chopped Uber bar, and it comes in crazy flavors like sage, rosemary, coffee. I bought one case;  2. These (old favorites) are so good too and there were free samples; 3. Yum also

I remember that I met nice people. During lunch we talked about cauliflower crust pizza and how to cook sorghum. I remember all day I was wondering why people were so grave about “hidden sauces.” How hard is it to notice a sauce? But a hidden sauce—maybe like an injected marinade? I didn’t ask. When I got home I realized they were buzzing about hidden sources. (Of gluten.) (Boston.)

From the session called something like How Celiac Affects the Whole Family:

A story about bullying in school. A classmate threw bread at an attendee’s child and said “Glutenator!” as a taunt.<—What a dick.

From the session Naturally Healing Foods:

Chefs from Elephant Walk handed us stalks of lemon grass and knobs of galangal and leaves of licorice basil to smell. That was paradise. I remember vowing to myself that I would definitely stop on the way home to buy lemongrass and galangal so I could make the thing they showed us how to make. (However, I now have no idea what that was.)

From the big session (the keynote?):

Alessio Fasano! At FFL last year, I noticed all of the celiac disease parents coming out of Dr. Fasano’s sessions with flushed cheeks, chatty and happy. And I may have thought, howeverso briefly, there’s something cool about those celiac disease people and their roped-off food and hilarious doctor. 

So I get it now: everything he says is interesting. Rakish, delightful genius. I think he said he believes no one should eat gluten, but I also think he said he eats gluten, and I am pretty sure he said this year he has given gluten up for Lent and this is torture, and then I’m pretty sure he described a baguette.

Let’s all read his book.

Thank you and good day.



  1. Larry Here · April 15, 2014

    Being from ten miles west of Fenway Park, originally, and for years and years, I am disappointed in myself for not figuring out the hidden sauce thing before you revealed it. And I laughed out loud. I’m happy people in my adopted home of Montana don’t talk that way. And I’m happy that there are plenty of local linguistic foibles here, too. Just not THAT kind. btw, in an hour or so, I am going to attempt the cauliflower crust pizza.


  2. type1tot · April 16, 2014

    Gluten is really pissing me off. I’m not even a perfectionist. I sing the praises of a C student- someone who knows how to get things done w/o wasting too much time. But with gluten. Why can’t I get every last bit? It’s everywhere. And I hate it. And I hate Monsanto. I’m ranting. Will write more cohesive rant later. Right now I hate writing too. I hear you on the lemongrass and galangal. Love beautiful ingredients that smell and taste like an actual other something, no need for gluten blah. Wish I could cook with them. Instead will continue to give all my money to overpriced Thai restaurant for basically a coconut milk broth.


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