Let’s Play Diabetes

Past two weeks, Bubs’s Dexcom crossed off martinis hours at a time. Dexcom sent replacement transmitter and you don’t need to send back the one you’re using now, so I won’t send a return label.

His and hers.

His and hers.

Of course navel-gazer mother don old one as soon as new one arrive. Similar four-year-old girl insist add grandma’s discarded bra dress-up bin, then insist wear GDB in public with air of just in case I grow breasts today.

Alleged dud transmitter work perfectly. Could Bubs’s martini problem be related to those slinky-fabric Underarmour shirts he wears every day? Brand new transmitter + Underarmour = crossed-off martini occasionally (not as often, but…); old transmitter + 100% merino wool clothing = works fine.

Anecdotal; hwvr, smells like science.

1. Breakfast: Minieggs 2. Lunch: Kale salad 3. Dinner: Bibimbap

1. Breakfast: Minieggs
2. Lunch: Kale salad. It seemed higher at the time.
3. Dinner: Bibimbap


Day one: Cadbury Minieggs (twenty!) for breakfast, try provoke something. Ho-hum 114, diagonal arrow up, and…straight arrow. Gentle return to 90’s.

This seemed pretty diabetic for kale. But on the long graph, it seems like NBD. Silly. Or: I'm totally screwed.

Doesn’t this seem pretty extreme for kale, after having so handily tolerated Minieggs? But on the long graph, it seems like NBD. Silly. Or this: I’m screwed.

Lunch ate kale salad/put pancreas out of my mind. WHAM. 180-ish. Initially feel: achievement. Then remember high = bad. No. Not bad. Out of range. Reason is delayed Minieggs? Salad too low fat? Too much applecarbs in salad? Secret walnut allergy/some crazy thing?

Dinnertime: bibimbap. Serious carbage form of white rice. Bc wanna be starting something. Twenty minutes post b b b, Dexcom reveal climb 120, diagonal arrow up. And then nuffin. Straight across arrow, back down 90-ish w. gentle landing.

Day two: change HIGH setting to 150. All day unable surpass 150 range, even w. free-range snacking on Plentils/humus.

Day three: chip still on/Bigfoot forget bring receiver out on town. Home again, what? Hello zzzzt, zzzzt from pocket of coat on hook. HIGH.  Not just high over 150, but high + approx 250. Fuck. Theory: saw man most dreaded sort of hug. Hug in style of: I Barely Know Your Name, But Everyone Loves My Hugs and You Probably Need One, Aww hug. Crossed paths w. Hug Man twice, both times see coming from long distance. Probably overstimulate sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight/hug) adrenaline. Also oatmeal cookies.

Meanwhile, Bubs’s BG so nice all week, relax into sense of mastery. All to shit over weekend. (Not bad kind of shit. Out of range type shit.) Fortunately Mad Men Season 6 released Netflix.

Try to not make too much of the T1D person's smoking hot bod.

Politely unmentioned: this woman’s smoking hot bod.

Meanwhile meanwhile, T1D cover story Sunday Times. Long, thorough, almost completely accurate! Not mention Bigfoot by name, but story seems underline specific form injustice. Family w. insurance, overbearing parent or two = beau coup Dexcom while person who needs Dexcom most (i.e., Bigfoot mind, child w. parents unable spend time/money focus brain on BG because rest of life interfere). Sorry.






  1. Laddie · April 6, 2014

    I have had problems all winter in Arizona with Out of Range errors on my G4. I have missed hours and hours of readings. In previous years with the 7+ and my previous G4, I rarely saw these errors. I mean like maybe once a year. In my latest call to Tech Support, the rep mentioned that she thought static might be the problem. I didn’t disagree with her, but happily accepted the replacement transmitter that was sent. I have been using leg sites and most of my pockets are synthetic fabrics.

    My latest Dex site is an arm site using the old transmitter. I have not had one Out of Range error and I do think that the leg site / synthetic pocket material is the cause of my previous problems. My issue now is that I like to save my belly for pump sites and I don’t want to use arm sites that show with my short sleeve shirts. But the leg sites are a static problem.

    Maybe I’ll decide not to have diabetes.


  2. Linda · April 7, 2014

    In the NYT article what I couldn’t detect was enough (any?) outrage about Mega-rich pharmaceutical corporations farming chronically ill people, many of them children, for VAST profits. If the US foots the bill for the other developed countries it’s because PharaCorp OWNS the US congress so We-The-People have NO SAY in how much profit such greedy bastards can extract from us. IT’S EVIL!! Ok, rant over.


  3. shannon · April 8, 2014

    HUG MAN.

    i had been thinking that if i were you, the temptation to put a cgm on would be so strong! i’m glad bubs got a new one so you could finally scratch that itch. unless it’s making you crazy, which, lbr, it would definitely do to me.


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