A Week in Hits and Misses

High carb low carb high brow no brow. Our week in bread and “bread.”


Everyone liked it. This is rare.

Cauliflower crust pizza:

This magazine. I am in love. I carry it around with me. Maybe the most noteworthy loveable thing is that very little crud-flour is used in its recipes. It leans, but is not, low-carb; it leans, but is not, paleo. Soulmates!

But this magazine is hard to find and has only 400-something Facebook likes. Tough crowd.


You like it, right? No pressure. Maybe 2g CHO/slice? I don’t know. My person was like…78 mg/dL at the time so I didn’t bother.

When I made the successful crust (previous cauliflower crust pizzattempts tasted nice but required knife+fork eating), I did it like this*: Heat oven [with pizza stone inside, if you have one] to 450. Grind up 9.5 oz. cauliflower florets [my cauliflower was big enough to make three crusts] in the Cuisinart, as if making cauliflower rice. Mix in (by hand) (in a bowl) a generous pinch of salt, one egg, and 1/2+ c grated asiago or whatever hard, Italian cheese you have. On a pizza peel lined with parchment, pat, press, and shape the cauliflower-egg-cheese mixture into a circle or oval about 1/4″ thick. Slide this blank crust on to the hot pizza stone (if using) and bake for about 20 minutes, or until it is golden brown around the edges. Top the baked crust with a very thin layer of pizza sauce, a scattered bit of grated cheese, basil leaves, roasted onions, whatever. Just not too much of anything. Bake 10-15 minutes more, or until the cheese is melted. Slice. Eat.

Love + easy.

I would like to try making this with broccoli. <–Reminder to self.

If you should see this elusive magazine, I think you should buy it.

If you see this elusive magazine, I think you should buy it.

NB Since the oven is cranked up to 450, might as well roast a giant sheet pan of peppers, onions, mushrooms, whatever. To eat with the pizza.

*Even though the magazine is my soulmate, it instructs the cook to make the crust directly on the pizza stone, which to me screamed TOO HARD TO CLEAN.


No like.

Against the Grain Gourmet bagels

While preparing this bagel yesterday morning, I noticed a hot toasted fart odor in the vicinity of the toaster. I covered the toasted bagel with cream cheese, capers, and a fragrant layer of smoked salmon. Jack bit into it. It’s good! Then I’m sorry. Stared at plate. I’m sorry, I can’t eat that. Left table. There may have been a tear in his eye. It’s just such a waste of smoked salmon.

Child #2 toasted half and spread it with cream cheese. I like it! Second bite it tastes a little bit like blood! Third bite it’s good. Fourth bite is it made with chicken? And then I’m sorry. I can not eat this.

Udi’s Classic French Dinner Rolls

A hit! Bonus: just 15g CHO each. Bonus #2: shelf-stable. These were used for egg-bacon sandwiches. Boys liked them in a GF way. (I.e. Was barely noticeable. Did not taste like blood or chicken.) Could be good as a hot dog bun.

Cooling after baking. Smells like real bread.

Cooling after baking. Smells like real bread.

English Muffins and Chocolate Chip Cookies from How Can It Be Gluten Free?


Out of the toaster. Smells great, looks great, texture feels right. Jam shot below.

Wow, I like this book. The only things people might not like about it are: pretty much everything contains dairy and eggs. Also sugar.

The storage process is a little bit high-maintenance. That's okay. Nothing but the finest for my little darlings. Probably all English muffins should be stored in multiple layers, and I'd just never bothered to learn about that before.

The storage process is a little bit high-maintenance. That’s okay. Nothing but the finest for my little darlings. Probably all English muffins should be stored in multiple layers, and I’d just never bothered to learn about that before.

So far I have made the English muffins and the chocolate chip cookies. (No photo. They were here and gone.) Everyone loved both. Happy! While making the cookies, I listened to Terry Gross interview the book’s authors. (<–More fun!)

And once you’ve made a giant batch of the book’s all-purpose flour blend, following the recipes isn’t very different from normal people baking.

An unexpected fun thing in the book is the GF product reviews. Example: This bread didn’t just taste like “cardboard.” It was “flat” and “dense,” like a “coaster.”

Every GF home deserves a vehicle for jam.

Every GF home deserves a vehicle for jam.


Whenever you feel shitty, that’s ’cause of gluten.





  1. Mary Margaret · March 30, 2014

    Loving How Can It Be Gluten Free! Made the sandwich bread yesterday. Making pie crust for quiche today. Also doing a side-by-side comparison of my GF tollhouse cookies with the chocolate chip cookies in the cookbook. Because I need to make cookies for school this week, so why not?
    The English muffins look time consuming. I’ll try them eventually, but not during today’s baking fest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy · March 30, 2014

      The EM’s were only time consuming in that I didn’t realize how *freakishly cold* it is near our stove, where I had set them to rise.

      Tonight Jack and I are making the chocolate-espresso-y cookies.

      I’ll make the sandwich bread too—thanks for the tip!

      I’ll hope to hear about your cookie testing.


      • Mary Margaret · March 30, 2014

        Mushroom bacon quiche for dinner got thumbs up from everyone. I swore off pie crusts years ago, but this one wasn’t too annoying. The chocolate cookies look good, I will get there. Right now I have three batches of cookies hydrating in the fridge. The two side by side comparisons and a batch of chocolate chip bacon potato chip cookies. I NEVER bake, what am I thinking?


      • Mary Margaret · March 31, 2014

        OK, I like my cookie better. But theirs was super easy to make, easier than the tollhouse recipe because it doesn’t need a mixer.


      • Katy · March 31, 2014

        I guess I’ll make the quiche tomorrow. I’m dying from lack of bacon-eggs-mushrooms. Is your Tollhouse thing just Tollhouse minus wheat plus GF blend? Xantham? What? Link? Your own creation? Secret?


      • Mary Margaret · April 1, 2014

        Tollhouse recipe. The one on the back of the Nestle chips. Substitute in GF flour blend by mass. I use 140 g/cup of wheat flour. So that’s 315 g for the 2.25 c of flour in the recipe. And 1/2 t xanthan gum. It makes me happy to use the recipes I have used all my life. I probably learned to make those cookies before anything else.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. theperfectd · March 31, 2014

    Will you just please come by in the morning and read your posts to me?
    “Hot toasted fart odor…” I am laughing and that’s the way every morning should start. (With laughter, not toasted farts.)


  3. shannon · April 8, 2014

    i watched ‘this is the end’ on the plane to ireland and laughed at the inappropriate level of loudness all the way there.

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. skchrisman · November 30, 2014

    Just got Go Gluten Free magazine on eBay for something like 6.83! Whoopie! Let’s just hope there’s stuff in there for me that doesn’t include eggs and yeast and dairy. Can’t wait to try the cauliflower pizza crust. I really need a non dairy, egg, yeast, soy, potato magazine! A dietitian long ago told me to get books and magazines and make my own binder cookbook out of a few select recipes from them. So far Sara Fragaso, sans potato recipes, is my bible. I’ll have to try a few of these ideas here! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch ‘this is the end’. Thanks Shmurley!


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