Earnest Post about Whipping Through Kachunkers


Day one is pretty much normal, normal, normal. Maybe a little low.

Cannula allergy: heard of once, year(s?) ago, Friends for Life, Exhibit Hall of Vendors, steel infusion sets salesperson promoting cannula allergy concept. Pretty sure German-made steel sets? Barely attentive because at least we don’t have some kind weird of allergy to plastic. But now—maybe allergic.


It happens like this: normal-normal-normal-suddenly high, doesn’t really come all the way down, then back up, then we yank it.

Sites used to work 72 hours. Then 48 hours. Now…36 – 40 hours max, then high/doesn’t really come down—>correct w. syringe & change site, then normal-normal-normal 36 hours. Finally catching on. Old site little bit pink, mosquito bite-looking, nothing horrible/no oozy yuck. But could be cannula allergy puff-up choke off insulin?

Another clue: more complaining about feeling the site. Not pain but aware. Itchy? No. Hurts? No. Just can feel it.





  1. Colleen · March 10, 2014

    Poor guy. I cannot imagine what it has to feel like for him. I’d send a hug but – – – tell him it’s a virtual hug.


  2. Scott E · March 10, 2014

    I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to the allergy theory (though it is a possibility). A couple of other possibilities, and I mention these from personal experience: (1) when unwinding the tubing from the kachunker, are you careful not to pull the infusion set up from the needle? As I’ve become more skilled and confident, I’ve become more fast, and more sloppy. Pulling it slightly (and pushing it back) could bend the needle and/or poke a hole in the side of the cannula. (2) is anything tugging on the tubing throughout the day? I always try to leave some slack so that doesn’t happen, but sometimes it does and that almost always results in problems like you describe. Taping the tubing down a few inches away might help, or running the tubing through a tucked-in-shirt (easy for an adult in business atire, not so much for a kid) could also reduce the stress.

    Hope you find a solution!


    • Katy · March 10, 2014

      I am not sure I am doing exactly what you describe as problematic, but I definitely have become faster/more confident/likely sloppier. I never tape anything down. I’m going to try that.


  3. Jennifer · March 10, 2014

    When I was on the minimed, I used the sure-T infusion sets for a while. I liked them more than the silhouettes I had used previously. They are a steel needle and you literally just put it in like you are putting a push-pin into your body. Sounds scary/painful, but is actually neither. I’m sure they either work with the Ping or there’s an equivalent. Good luck!


    • Katy · March 11, 2014

      This must be what B’s same-size friend uses. The dad described popping them on like a thumbtack.


  4. StephenS · March 11, 2014

    Wow… wish I had a great answer for you, but I don’t. I can tell you that I get the phantom feeling from a site a day or two after a set change. Not painful, just a feeling like it’s still there when it isn’t. I wish I could get my brain to stay in time with all of my site changes. Hope it gets better.


  5. Jackie · March 11, 2014

    Also possible that they did something to the sets; iirc you use the Insets, right? As of late I’ve been noticing weird stuff happening too, although I’m not wearing my Dex so I’m not aware of any particular trends but definitely been having similar issues on the last day or so of not-reasonably high numbers. Could try switching cannula lengths although that probably won’t help; I have 9 and 6mm mixed into my pile of sites so I just grab one; the longer seems to last longer which seems to point to it being me rather than the site.


  6. mollyjade · March 11, 2014

    Occasionally my sites get red around the cannula. I always assume that either something germy got in there while I was wearing it or that my clothing pulled on the site more than usual.

    I’ve had pretty extreme allergies to Lantus and some of the additional adhesives I’ve tried to use for the pump, and it becomes very obvious that it’s an allergy. That’s pretty much the only good thing about allergies. They get worse and more obvious as time goes on.


  7. theperfectd · March 11, 2014

    Could it be the beginning of allergy season for you up there? (Yes, I know. Snow is still there, but…) I notice that when I am in the height of pollen misery, the inflammatory response kicks in all throughout my body. My sites itch. My sites get red. Misery.
    Can you try giving a Benedryl or Claritin to see if it helps?


    • Katy · March 11, 2014

      I never considered that—thank you.


  8. Linda · March 11, 2014

    I am allergic to the teflon in cannulas. My sites were puffy pink/red, and healed with a scab/lump over several weeks. When I switched to contact-detach with the stainless steel needles my skin at site changes looked normal with a tiny dot where the needle had been – much better! There are a couple of brands of metal sets. One, the Orbit Micro, has a super thin needle so it is more comfortable to wear for skinny kids. Not sure if they still make it. Checking… Yes they do! http://www.orbitinfusionsets.com/products/orbit-micro-infusion-sets

    I like Contact-D because if I put it in a tender spot, I can just pull it, trim the adhesive circle, clean the needle, and pop it back in/tape it somewhere better. Not so with Orbit.

    I have heard of others with insulin allergies, so maybe trying a different type would help you sleuth if it’s cannula or insulin allergy.


    • Katy · March 11, 2014

      This makes me think he DOES have a cannula allergy because removing a site and seeing merely a dot where it had poked in has *never* happened. It’s always some degree of inflamed. Changing brands/kinds of sets doesn’t seem difficult, but I have no idea how to acquire these. I am imagining: Rx from endo, order through the mail, voila, problem solved.


      • saraknic13 · March 13, 2014

        Contach-Detach is the brand that goes with the Ping. Typically (but WHEN are things typical), prescriptions are just written for infusion sets but not a specific brand. You hopefully will not need a new prescription to try out a new set.

        Also, depending on which rep you get on the phone, you may be able to get them to send you some sample sets before you commit.


  9. shannon · April 8, 2014

    L used the metal cannula briefly in the early days. wasn’t a fan, said she could feel it in there. ew.


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