IgA: Beer me!

Rx: daily bottle of gluten

Rx: daily bottle of gluten

Bigfoot 98% – 99.9% sure not have celiac disease. Not experience: symptom, weight loss, food problem. Only take test bc Bubs’s GI doctor recommend all family members do so. Formality.


  • our family has been on a gluten free diet since October, and I eat GF even when I’m out of the house (in overbearing, twisted solidarity). Last week, I ate a big brie-arugula sandwich and drank a (big) beer to prepare for the celiac blood draw. I thought this quantity of gluten, consumed the day before the test, would be sufficient to elicit an autoimmune response, if there was in fact going to be one. This was dumb (The rule seems to be: you need to eat gluten daily for anywhere from 10 days – 12 weeks prior to the test)


  • one of the labs revealed I have low IgA. I do? And that means…anything? It seems to be nothing but an indicator that the celiac screening results, for the three other things measured (Melissa explains), are invalid


Hypothetical 12 weeks (<—thorough!) gluten-gluten-gluten & re-test (fast forward August 2014) & still low IgA: test invalid again? (Unless test positive for celiac, then definitive regardless IgA status?)

Meanwhile, already decide 12 weeks gluten: form of beer (<—-brilliant!). Beer! Hefeweizen! All summer. Ideal medium(<—so well-contained!) for introduce gluten back into GF house, unless trip/spill directly into child w. celiac.

Not have everything on list, but helpful make list attempt figure out what size problem this IgA.

Hierarchy of Dreadfulness

1. T1D

2. celiac

3. probably something terrible I haven’t heard about yet

(IT’S A TIE) 4. Addison’s & Hashimoto’s

(probably some more stuff in here)

6. Psoriasis (might be worse than Hashimoto’s?)

7. Vitiligo

8. Low IgA



  1. Sara · March 4, 2014

    Well aren’t you just an auto-immune ball of fun?! 😛


    • Katy · March 4, 2014

      How many items are on this menu?


  2. Theresa · March 4, 2014

    Would you like another mysterious condition to look into? Look up the MTHFR gene. It’s a great acronym- not what it looks like. Even just a heterozygous mutation on this gene can contribute to a host of issues/illnesses. Good news is, fixed with supplements. Just a thought. Good luck.


    • Katy · March 6, 2014

      I had to look it up–I was sure this was a joke! MTHFR.


  3. Briley · March 7, 2014

    I love this. After getting the celiac test at FFL last year, and knowing I am not in fact celiac, but do have a gluten intolerance, I thought “I don’t have to cut out beer!” But I’ve also realized that beer bothers me way more than pasta or bread. Bring on the hard cider (for me)! 🙂


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