Is Our Children Learning?


I don’t know how our school nurse does it.

Email reader maybe find many between-lines story:

  • Bigfoot not feed child hearty breakfast; child consume entire lunch @snack time
  • This child too much basal
  • ”   ”  ”  ”  bolus
  • This family hog up entire day school nurse
  • Bad parent not keep phone charged
  • Too many carbs
  • Not enough carbs
  • Etc.

Main story point of view this email reader = entire afternoon diabetes. For Bubs and for school nurse.

8:50 – 12:50 attend school/almost normal. Rest of day: back/forth nurse’s office. Juice, recline, tabs, up/down hall, feeling low, here/there, oogy brain, pfffffft.

Even so, arrive home cheerful. Basketball. Sushi. How was your day? Great! But all of these girls keep insisting my real name is Brigham. So I told them it’s not! And they said YES IT IS! You know, those really bratty kind of girls. And so I told them it is not, and I even spelled my whole name slowly. I should have told them my real name is Armin Tamzarian like Seymour Skinner, you know? (Bigfoot not know. Need Wiki for spell Tamzarian.)

Not sure if hope Brigham thing AM or PM. AM: Bubs maximum equanimity for deal w. tiresome girls. PM: already unable concentrate anyway, like 2 bird w. 1 stone.


One comment

  1. shannon · April 8, 2014

    bad parent not keep phone charged.

    i think of this sometimes, how does my kid deal with the everyday bullshit of school ON TOP OF the everyday bullshit of diabetes.


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