Everything Was Awesome


Position One: home. Position Two: location of D-child with non-D chaperone. Position 3: double date. This is not a very good drawing. It’s trying to be Rhode Island.

Deep breath, Bigfoot channel inner Moira. Say yes. Gut feels skeptical. But other, smarter gut says copy what someone else would do.

That’s how wind up reply yes, all levels difficulty:

LEVEL I: child attending film with a non-diabetes chaperone

LEVEL II: at a 3D theater forty minutes away from home

LEVEL III: meanwhile going out for dinner with another couple, four adults sharing one car adding some tangled complication: what if I need to rush to the movie theater to—I don’t know—offer rescue from—I don’t know—with my—I don’t know—magic wand that only I know how to operate?

LEVEL IV: and our double date destination is twenty other-direction minutes away from home making total driving distance to D-child one hour

Of course attempt set up some micromanage-y parameters. We’ll feed you before you go. Don’t eat at the movie, okay? And text us any time you need help. Then force spouse continuously check phone for stealth-arrival texts.

(None came.)

Then force spouse text-inquire chaperone how’s everything going? (Answer = we’re fine!)

4pm – 9pm great time had by all

9:01pm everyone home


Good job eating unsanctioned candy in a controlled way and then dealing with the circumstances.

9:15pm peek @meter.

Whoa! You were really high at the movie.

BUBS: That was when we got home

BIGFOOT: Did you feel ok?


BIGFOOT: I love how you double checked when it said you were over 400

BUBS: Uh huh and I did the correction after that and now I’m fine. One oh one

BIGFOOT: Do you think you were nervous** about going with Ben to the movie and that made you high?

BUBS: No. I think it was the Sour Patch Kids. They were watermelon. They were so good

JACK: It said one serving was eleven so he counted them out

BUBS: And I bolused, and then I bolused for eleven more pieces, and then I gave the rest to Jack so I wouldn’t eat any extra

**Projecting maybe



  1. Katie · February 19, 2014

    “Good job eating unsanctioned candy in a controlled way and then dealing with the circumstances.” <—exactly! What a great job he did!


  2. Sara · February 19, 2014

    Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.


  3. cbwinchild · February 19, 2014



  4. Scott E · February 19, 2014

    Your kid has demonstrated that he understands how to take care of his diabetes. And maintain his “zest for life” (a phrase which I’m going to now try to use weekly, at least). Congratulations, you’ve done well.


  5. Linda · February 19, 2014

    …Feeling the same about my Peace Corps daughter in Ukraine. I think she will be ok too or I will personally GO GET HER. Good job Bubs!


  6. Kim · February 19, 2014

    Great success!


  7. Pam · February 19, 2014

    I totally identify with your ‘Level III’ feeling of ‘what if I need to get there to do…???’ And with the ‘micromanage-y parameters which come with it. Yay for you all that he took responsibility for his sour patch kids!


  8. Dolores · February 21, 2014

    movies always = super high blood sugar

    Bubs did a nice job … cheers to him!


    • Katy · February 21, 2014

      Really? From sitting still? From the excitement of the film?


  9. mollyjade · February 24, 2014

    Super impressed with Bubs for counting out pieces of candy in a movie theater environment! Movies always seem tricky, trying to test/eat/carb count in the dark.


  10. shannon · April 8, 2014

    AMAZING. ❤


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