Art Day Pyre

Diabetes Art Day. Love Lee Ann Thill.

Art: probably not school day carbs lists.

I like buying stickers and I like making lists.

Buying stickers and making lists has been the main perk diabetes has granted me.

Even though jaunty stickers. Favorite kind = seasonal outfit dogs. (Bigfoot favorite, Bubs not care.) OK fifth grade? Not sure. Try Star Wars stickers. (Bubs not notice; Bigfoot think, some sense, Star Wars stickers even more infantilizing than clothed dog stickers.) Try backsides of page-a-day calendar, Sudoku theme. Not childish, still friendlier than index card. (Kid not notice.)

Farewell, holiday dog and rodent.

Farewell, holiday dog and rodent. Auf wiedersehen, control and safety.

For art day, haul out collected 5th grade carbs lists. Think maybe make quilt. Note common threads: cheese, applesauce, kefir, leftover meat. Soon entire carbs list shebang will be too babyish. Soon entire notion visit nurse/ask for help: distant speck rearview mirror. Wish cling this relatively easy safe un-fraught period. Practice say goodbye.



Ready to make art.

photo 2Well, not GOODBYE goodbye. Not yet. But soon.

the end

The end.



  1. Laddie · February 3, 2014

    I actually checked your blog earlier today because I figured you would do something absolutely original for Diabetes Art Day. Well, you didn’t disappoint! You know, diabetes really does make us do odd things sometimes and I hope you didn’t burn up Rhode Island.


  2. Kim · February 3, 2014

    This actually made my eyes misty. I love this. (And your family.)


  3. shannon · February 3, 2014

    amazing and beautiful. just like you. and your family.


  4. Karen · February 4, 2014

    Whoa, this is deep. (Although the dressed up dogs do a lot to lighten the mood . . . . ) Thank you for a great piece of art that allowed me to ponder diabetes from my parent’s perspective a bit.


  5. fifteenwaitfifteen · February 4, 2014

    There is ALWAYS a place for dressed up dogs. And stickers. Love the fire!!!


  6. Scott K. Johnson · February 26, 2014

    Burn that shit, yo.


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