Waffle Factory Tour

Toaster waffles, near-zero carb, beau coup protein/fat. Every school day. Toaster waffle and apple w. peanut butter and tea.

Study waffle manufacturing system; look for ways increase efficiency. Current system = 22 waffles per 53 minutes, not include dish-washing. After study system, understand why almond flour toaster waffles not commercially available. Ingredients approx. $1 per waffle plus $7,500 in labor.

It recipe:

    Get these ingredients in a blender.

Get these ingredients in a blender.

5 eggs; 1 quart unsweetened coconut milk (4gCHO); 1/2 tsp. salt; 4T coconut oil, melted; 1T vanilla; 2 tsp. baking powder; 600g (21 oz.) almond flour (42g CHO). Blend until perfectly smooth. This large amount of batter is the most Vitamix can hold. Net 46g CHO whole thing; 46/22 = 2-something net g CHO/waffle.

Meanwhile, be heating up your waffle iron. It should be the variety that makes traditional, non-Belgian waffles. These thin waffles fit easily in the toaster slots.

When the iron is hot, spray with cooking spray. I use Trader Joe’s coconut oil spray. Seriously, spray the waffle iron before each addition of waffle batter. Whenever I skip this, the waffle breaks and that means fewer waffles per effort/dollars spent.


Also: large rubber spatula for scraping batter from blender. Small rubber spatula or thin wooden knife for lifting waffles from burning hot iron. The 1/3 cup globbing method creates square waffles which fit easily in the toaster.

After spraying, use a 1/3c measuring cup to glob batter into the center of the waffle iron. I set mine to level 2 or 2.5. This produces waffles that are sturdy enough to lift easily, but pale enough to handle future toasting. Remove waffle to cooling rack. Spray. Glob. Cooling rack, spray, glob. Cooling rack, spray, glob, and so on.

After the waffles are cool, they need to freeze in a nice, flat position. Don’t just put a stack of cooled waffles into a Ziplock bag; freeze the waffles on a flat surface and then make a stack of neatly hardened flatties. There is no room in my freezer for a bunch of giant cooling racks, so I used nature’s porch freezer and prayed to not attract squirrels or inquisitive Fed Ex drivers.

Thank you and good day.


24 responses to “Waffle Factory Tour

  1. g

    DOG! LOVE! Waffles amazing!!!


  2. That vanilla looks suspiciously like Myer’s Rum. 🙂 Also, I ❤ the TJ's coconut oil cooking spray, especially on my waffle iron.


  3. I love waffles — but hate the work (and the $1 apiece cost). So if you see a bald, hungry, almost-40-year-old guy with an insulin pump snooping around your porch freezer, please go easy on him (and don’t shoot!)


  4. Once we get a blender, I’m totally trying this! I will also use the porch as a freezer. Should work nicely.


  5. Linda

    I’m with Grover. How you take the parenting challenge from hell and turn it into ballet is truly humbling. Hats off to you, Bigfoot, and thank you for this recipe.


  6. Ann

    Grover has definitely got it right. Nice job. And Scott could go with the insanity defense. These waffles would make anyone crazy with desire.


  7. The rum is for you to drink while you cook those waffles. With some coconut milk. I’m onto you. (And those waffles sound yummy!)


  8. Best photo descriptions of things ever. Even I can’t wait to try this one out.


  9. I will be trying these. Every recipe tried so far for waffles have been big fat failures. I gave up, but now I have hope again.


  10. Julia

    Pure genius! 2 grams a waffle! I’m amazed.


  11. posts like this make you a gift to this community.


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