Some Convenience Foods We Ate

photo 5

What remained of our weird pizza at the end of a potluck supper.

Schar pizza crusts. ($9/2 pack @Shaw’s). Top w. whatever & bake. Easy, yum. Carb city.

Really cute packaging too.

Cute packaging too. The little packets inside are purplish magenta.

Tiny adorable popcorn in “Vanilla Cupcake.” ($5/16 pack: Valentine aisle @Target. Watch for clearance Feb 15th.) 9g CHO/packet.

photo 1

Better than Udi’s.

Room-temperature gluten free bread–whaaaat? ($6/loaf @Target.) Very successful PB&J, no toaster required. Great texture. Yum. Carbs galore.

photo 1

“This is good. It doesn’t taste like tube yogurt. It is thick like Greek yogurt, and not too sweet like most of the yogurt the yogurt companies think kids want to eat.”

photo 2

I would eat this yogurt in a tube and I am 42 years old. I guess that makes me “42 years young!” But using that phrase instantly made me 80.

Siggi’s Yogurt Tubes ($4/8 tubes) (Again @Target.) Icelandic + mascots that are part anime, part Carl Larson. Packaging A+, delicious, only 6g CHO/tube.

Meanwhile, celiac check up w. gastroenterologist. Went like

So, how are you feeling?


Are you finding things you like to eat on the gluten free diet?


Man, that’s got to be hard, having the gluten free diet on top of the diabetes. That’s a lot of restrictions.

(Shrug.) Ayunnnoh. Mmm. Neh.



  1. Sara · January 30, 2014

    Pop Chips ALL DAY LONG!!


  2. Katie · January 30, 2014

    We eat those siggi yogurts too! I couldn’t believe they were so low carb and immediately bought 3 flavors.


  3. shannon · February 3, 2014



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