Good Things XV (gratitudes & cookbooks)

Reunited (feels SO good!)


Watch us do normal things. A: apple with peanut butter and insulin. B: walking to bank &  “i feel low” jellybellies.

Every normal thing easier, better, less fraught. OhmygodIloveyousomuch. Thank you, Dexcom.

Schär Ciabatta

looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like ciabatta.

Holy holes! 21g CHO.


Privacy bar multitasks as closed captioning. His eyes were closed for almost the entire sandwich while he went “oh, mmmm,” and “it’s like BREAD.”

Free sample Schär so good; immediately order more. Listed @$4.76. Rather pricey fancy roll/yet SO AWESOME + “PRODUCT OF GERMANY. MAY CONTAIN LUPINE,” seems worth it. Order 4, think whole family enjoy one roll per person some great occasion. Then realize $4.76 for entire four-pack. What?! $1.20/roll–less $ than gluten roll @Whole Foods!

Frequently Handled, Skimmed, Read, and Utilized Books

Favorites 2013.


1. Making practically everything

2. This is the book that recommends regular people try to get their hands on a Dexcom in order to learn about their inner workings <—entertaining! Plus sweet potatoes

3. Making practically everything in this one too

4. Wish there weren’t pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow throughout, but we are enjoying every recipe in this book, currently especially Mr. Chow’s lettuce cups & Lee’s hoisin sauce

5. Wheat Belly makes a reader happy to not be able to eat gluten. So happy, in fact, that breads and things IRL start to look like they are not food, but cottony poison. I don’t think I’ve actually cooked from this book yet, but I sincerely feel like I will

6. I love these recipes & this web site. Also I put the cute Michelle Tam in pigtails sticker on my car which makes it easy to find in parking lots

7. This is a beautiful book and taught me, after many failed attempts, to make carnitas

8. This book taught me the relative joy of cauliflower rice and for that I am grateful

9. IMOH, the chicken wings recipe is worth the price of the book

10. Explains the science/reasoning of a paleo diet; a possible drawback is becoming convinced that gluten causes every autoimmune problem ever and you could have avoided this whole thing if…? But then..? And the world contains gluten and we live in it and so…? And then you see a bunch of obese kids eating Wheat Thins after a sporting event and you feel..? Also recipes



  1. Laddie · January 13, 2014

    So glad the new Dex transmitter finally arrived. Next Monday I get to start the process of ordering mine. Guess whom I get to call? Starts with an “E” and ends with a “K”. I hope it goes easier for me than it did for you:-)

    I find the Wheat Belly book fascinating and it does make sense. But I’m glad I don’t need a whole stack of cookbooks like you do. You have become an expert in a very short time.


  2. Heather Garcia Queen · January 13, 2014

    I love your cookbook reviews! Very helpful. After pulling off this Paleo cooking thing entirely through the support of blogs and websites, I am finally beginning to buy some cookbooks. I have Well Fed but I haven’t looked at it yet. Still making my way through AAG and Practical Paleo. If you get Beyond Bacon, let us know what you think!


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