Save the Date

-50% temp basal? Sna

Went with -50% basal and a little snack. We tested when he exhibited unusual behavior, such as lying face down in the snow. That UB turned out to be just a *hilarious* prank.

Still no transmitter but. Good news.

No more Edgepark. <—Beautiful sentence. Happy happy happy! How merry not deal w. Edgepark!

All Dexcom supplies now set up to flow directly from San Diego showcase —>Blue Cross Rhode Island patients. Make Bigfoot want tear off clothes, run through field of wildflowers/then twirl, head back face toward sun like old-timey douche or fat free yogurt commercial.

Other good news. Know now importance calendar alerts.

Alert: request new receiver MARCH 2014 + request (next) new transmitter JULY 2014.

Object lesson:

She who sets no calendar alerts

shall certainly sometimes go without parts


Plenty of time to count my blessings and make vinaigrette.

Only remaining obstacle = nudge Blue Cross send approval. On hold 54 minutes. All of our representatives are presently busy. Please remain on the line for the next available representative interspersed w. perky jazz keyboard. Know Blue Cross approve. Blue Cross say Blue Cross approve. Just need golden seal approval.

Perhaps our

Travel food: kefir and cereal every day, also Larabars. I guess I’m glad to not have had to see the post-cereal graph.

Remain calm. So close so close. On hold 1:15:56 now. Plenty of time re-take Downton Abbey Who Are You quiz, try not get Thomas again.



  1. fifteenwaitfifteen · January 6, 2014

    I am the same way…if I don’t set a calendar alert for something, like refilling important meds, I wake up one day and am like….hmmm…10 units of insulin left in the house, EEKK! Calendar notes and alerts are a necessity now for just about everything. Hope it’s just a function of being busy and having a full life versus getting old and forgetting stuff. We’ll go with the former! Kudos on ditching Edgepark….WISH I could do that, but for now, they are still my supplier for most things for the foreseeable future. Enjoy your freedom from that chain!


    • Katy · January 6, 2014

      i’m slowly catching on. you’re saying i can do calendar alerts for *everything* and remember more things. MIND IS BLOWN.


  2. Larry Here · January 6, 2014

    Only thing I have to say about this, is I got Thomas, too, and I don’t care how much time I have, I’m NOT takin’ that stupid quiz again. Lame. Oh, plus – kefir, yummmm.


    • Katy · January 6, 2014

      Larry, I forget if you have D or a D-child, but kefir: BG problem or not? So far I find it to be OK, despite being carbtastic.


      • Larry Here · January 6, 2014

        Katy – We have 6 year old dd – kefir is totally not a bg problem with us. We just bolus for the carbs. That said, we do the plain most of the time. The flavored kefir, while extra delicious, certainly has more spikiness to it! Other big use for kefir over here is instead of milk in my famous all-buckwheat pancakes. Delicious.


  3. Dolores · January 6, 2014

    I got Carson 😦 … totally wanted Dowager


    • Katy · January 6, 2014

      on my re-do, I got Dowager. But I was ashamed so I rejected the prompt to share that on facebook.


  4. Jennifer · January 6, 2014

    I have been without dex since early-September (I can afford sensors), so I feel your pain. I miss my graph all day and night long!
    I saved two sensors for when I really wanted data (aka: flight to California over Thanksgiving break). Fired up receiver, to see it needed to charge. Let it charge awhile, then put in sensor and start my 2-hour time. 45 minutes later: sorry, transmitter dead. Saddest day.

    I haven’t even called dexcom about it because I feel like I will just depress myself further. I don’t know if it’s really better to have loved and lost in the case of dexcom. RIP transmitter.


    • Katy · January 6, 2014

      I hope you get a new one soon.

      I know many people (maybe even most?) don’t use one, but–you’re right–having used it, it’s wretched going without.


  5. Amy · January 6, 2014

    Newish to Dex for my 5 year old (2 months). I never want to be without this again. How often do the receiver and transmitter need to be replaced? I ask so I can set my own calendar alerts 🙂 btw best d-blog ever, I love reading and learning here.


    • Katy · January 7, 2014

      I’m going to put alerts on for everything in my life. Starting with…
      Receiver: annually.
      Transmitter: every 6 months. Even if you have a practically brand new one because Dexcom recently replaced a still-under-warranty malfunctioning one, order a new one after six months and cherish it.


  6. Laddie · January 6, 2014

    I had already set a calendar alert, but was highly impressed to receive an email from Dexcom a few days ago reminding me to order the new transmitter. I seem to be the only one who has no problems with Edgepark, but know that I jinx myself every time I say that.


    • Katy · January 7, 2014

      I’m sure you’ll not be jinxed.


  7. Scott E · January 6, 2014

    The thought of enjoying 54 minutes of Blue Cross’s “on-hold” entertainment sounds magically appealing…. compared to 5.4 minutes of Edgepark’s “on-hold” verbal diarrhea.


  8. Katy · January 7, 2014

    good point.


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