It’s Electric!

Underneath these layers of polyester and wool, a Dexcom transmitter is screaming.

Somewhere underneath these layers of polyester and wool, a Dexcom transmitter is screaming.

Crossed off martini glass, hours. Call Dexcom Technical Support.

Well, you purchased this in August, so you’re still covered…

Was there anything unusual happening when the connection was lost? Are you in Rhode Island today?


Does he play outside in the cold, wearing synthetic fibers?

(Why yes.)

DTS mentioned this phenomenon also common @recess if child plays on slide, regardless fiber content.

Turns out, per DTS, dry/cold Northeast (swear DTS said was Northeast-specific; many-many-many NE Dexcom user calls; practically an outbreak) + play outside + ambitious layering synthetic fibers/winter gear = Dexom wearer builds up transmitter-receiver communication eradicating static charge. News to me. (<–Links describe static problem attributed to cotton sheets/wool pants as well as slides/not using Dexcom-provided leatherette pager case.)

Anyway, learn one potential static prob. fix is do you see the small hole on the back of the receiver? Stick a pin in it. You should feel a vibration, then the trend graph screen should come on and the unit will try to re-initiate communication.

Ask DTS So stick the pin in after the period of playing outside while wearing synthetic fibers is over, or during the playing? Answer: you can stick the pin in it as often as you like.

Didn’t ask what if the child is running around in the dry/cold Northeast while wearing THREE layers of synthetic fibers PLUS a faux fur hat at a Christmas display featuring over 300,000 lights and then frolicking in a brilliantly-lit field during a Happy Birthday, Jesus laser light show with four other boys, each in a many-layered synthetic fiber winter ensemble?

IMG_8418-3Love you, Dexcom. Please work again soon. Will carry pins & wear whatever it takes.


14 responses to “It’s Electric!

  1. g

    Not sure if appropriate, but i’m cracking up at that photo!!! Sorry for malfunction not laughing at that, but who knew!


  2. Just don’t hold the pin in too long or it will go into Spanish mode


  3. Good to know about the static though and about the pin. Thanks!


  4. Never knew this! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Mary Margaret

    Too funny!
    Off topic- our endo looked at me in horror yesterday when I confessed that I had changed EVERY number in the pump (basal, carb factor, and ISF) at once in response to puberty. It was an across the board increase of 40%. What you mean that’s not a standard operating procedure? It was rage bolusing to the extreme. And it worked 🙂


    • Katy

      yo ho ho and it WORKED! mm, you’re brilliant.

      i did a minus 10% across-the-board reduction yesterday. not surprisingly, his body judged this a not-bold-enough mood. luckily, we have peanut m&ms.


  6. Kim

    Stick the pin in far enough and it starts playing “Stairway to Heaven” for rise rate alerts.


  7. Ok the spanish mode thing cracked me up because I pictured Buzz Lightyear in spanish mode.
    The Stairway to Heaven alert – that would be awesome if i thought it were real. Dex should totally do this.

    Thanks for sharing the info K. Sorry you didn’t get a martini. Its good to know and curious why it is more of a regional problem – dryer air up there?


    • Katy

      maybe just dry in new england this week? so the guy was noticing a lot of new england callers with the same problem? it’s not usually dry here, i don’t think.


  8. I know some winter folks are wiping down their Omnipods with dryer sheets before the kids put their coats on or play on the playground. Maybe the Dex needs the same thing?


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