Q&A with Self

Why do you consider it okay for a child with celiac to eat a cafe-made “gluten free granola bar” that obviously contains oats when you don’t yet consider it okay for your child to eat gluten-free oats at home, and who knows if the cafe people even realize they’d need to use gluten-free oats, and why didn’t you bother asking about that?

Afraid insult teen counter clerk; also tight Saran Wrap make granola bar look so official

Before the granola bar incident, your diabetic child was balancing on a stone wall higher than your head. He alerted you that he felt low. You asked him to stop balancing and to test at ground level. He suggested you hand the meter/finger pricker up to him so he’d be able to test while balancing. You agreed. Result: 41. What did you do next?

Stand on tip-toe, hand up 3 Glucolift, hope for best

Last night you corrected a 300-ish high once every two hours THREE times before thinking to get a syringe. How do you maintain the same level of dumbness over the years?

Not sure. Also keep drinking French press coffee even though result—>mouth sores & keep forgetting turn Christmas lights off during day


It’s hard to choose a favorite dog from the Distractify post, but this might be mine.

So, if we look at these events as they unfolded: you were tired, then you encouraged an extremely hypoglycemic child to balance on a high stone wall, and then you let him eat food that almost certainly contained gluten, and you left the Christmas lights on all day


What is your favorite funny dog-photo collection today, and why is it your favorite?

This. Because could fit right in


One comment

  1. Heather · December 7, 2013


    I do the same exact thing when blousing for highs! It takes me 3 or 4 unsuccessful pump boluses before I realize that I need to do an injection. It doesn’t even occur to me for hours!



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