What to Expect When You’re Expecting New Villi: Imaginary Science


The g = glucose. The red, thick thing is a blood vessel. The thin red line on the left is the flattened intestinal lining. the shaggy red and purple parts on the right are the lining with lush villi, restored to functional glory. (Not actual photographs.) This link leads to a diagram from the Mayo Clinic. It’s pretty much the same thing in a more neutral color palette.

Wow. Wish go back in time stop eating gluten years ago, maybe avoid every problem ever had entire life.*

Because suddenly everything better.

  • BG not so spiky. (Empirical data!)
  • Not depressed. (Wants be w. friends, do things, chat, play UNO/Blokus, make plans for future skiing, parties, trips, etc.)
That is some extremely fuzzy fleece. Undiagnosed celiac disease causes an aversion to new kinds of fabric.

Undiagnosed celiac disease may cause an aversion to new kinds of fabric. I wish my family could bring our jackets in for a study at MGH with Dr. Alessio Fasano on this subject.
 Pictured here is one (healed?) celiac patient voluntarily wearing extraordinarily fuzzy fleece.

  • Not anxious. (No sensory aversion problems: drink entire kale smoothie instead of no way/hide, novel length/brand socks, different fuzziness-level fleece…)
  • Also this: all week muy hypo. Turn insulin down maybe 10% each day over course of 1 week, change 9:30am – 4pm I:C from 1:15 to 1:18 & then to 1:20  then to 1:25. More science: today forgot bolus for banana/peanut butter snack. Spiked entire hour+ later. (I.e. took over 60 minutes for that banana go crazy zzztzzzt HIGH OVER 200 in there!)

Could be real biology?

SEPTEMBER: Celiac disease undiagnosed, epithelial lining intestine flat. Maybe glucose crash right through into blood–cause crazy spikes & need more insulin & somber/anxious mood.


NOVEMBER: Celiac disease diagnosed, GF diet adopted, intestine heals/forms layers, layers villi/microvilli, glucose gobs can’t bust into blood in big rush? Seems like. Anyway.

Could be true. OK if not true. Happy feeling better any reason; celiac escapade work out like gangbusters.

Other thing really helped: Hyperbole and a Half. Now a book. Very serious, funny writing/drawings about depression, anxiety, problematic dogs. Not children’s book, some F-bombs, but def. recommend for child/adult w. this peculiar, simultaneous set problems. Maybe OK if mother just introduce as this has some F-words in it, but it’s only because the protagonist is very upset, and I know you know to not say that word but I still think you would like this book. Not stop laughing. Love book so much almost today adopt 8-year-old chihuahua w. harelip because resemble The Simple Dog.

Really like Scully said this. Felt like dawn on, yeah. Felt like: how did I ever have the energy/time to analyze everything to death like that? Today decide try meet self where self is. Sometimes need analyze everything, sometimes run away w. silent scream in head, sometimes all copacetic not even cross mind might consult oracles, sometimes wrapped up in It’s fascinating! She lays a terracotta colored egg.  (Next one: jonesing for a glossy creamcolored convertible with dijon velvet upholstery and you.)

**Not strictly true. Bigfoot also stop gluten, develop rash (?) corners of nose, very flaky. Seems like thing would happen when person add disruptive food. Wise friend point out very likely gluten toxins exit body via nose corners. If notice in person, remain nonchalant.


6 responses to “What to Expect When You’re Expecting New Villi: Imaginary Science

  1. I am so glad to hear Bubs has bounced back and then some!! Fantastic!


  2. So glad to hear your son is doing better and thanks for the educational graphic. Now I am hooked on Hyperbole and a Half and my half-written blog post for tomorrow has been abandoned.


  3. Yeah for Bubs!

    And maybe it’s the time of year … but I haven’t been able to finish a blog post in awhile either …


  4. Crap. I need to change my diet. The Universe keeps sending me signs – like, you writing about going gluten-free, and one of my friends who has infertility issues like I do told me she got pregnant (with twins!!) after going off of wheat. I’m just not sure I have the energy/ devotion to do it, and do it properly. I cry Uncle.


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