Chocolate Macaroon



Remember good macaROOON.

Try find recipe replicate Hail Merry macaroons. Start here. Follow instructions on Tessa Domestic Diva, but roll balls in extra coconut at end for fancy/afraid too sticky otherwise. Result not really like Hail Merry, but probably anyone like Hail Merry also like this.


Also coconutty

Maybe tiny bit too sweet? Next time, cut honey to 3T? Try remember.

How to: combine all ingredients in food processor. Form balls. Roll in extra coconut if want macaroons like snowballs. Store in fridge. Eat.

Ingredients w. carb math:

Makes 28 snowballs, each w. 3.3g CHO but I called it 4 because they were so, so, sweet.

Makes 28 snowballs, each w. 3.3g CHO but I called it 4 because they were so, so, sweet.

photo 2

The green bag’s brand is Let’s Do Organic. Maybe one day soon I will realize it is not really necessary to buy specially marked GF coconut.

Dishes in the sink: not too many. Also reminder green bag coconut GF, i.e. not maybe processed same equipment processed wheat. Rare trait coconut, that.

Determine impossible keep up #dmpad. Decide best just read. People amazing. Noticed Christel every day greatest hit. Jacquie W. back from hiatus.



  1. scully · November 12, 2013

    Holy snap I want to make these like RIGHT MEOW!
    But… I know I can’t make stuff like this any more or else it ends up inside me. All of it.
    I am thinking of doing one blog post at the end of the month with all the pics for dmpad.


  2. macaron lover · November 18, 2013

    thanks for sharing – very nice! Also try The Macaron Master“>


  3. Pancreastic Mom · November 18, 2013

    mmm…sounds good and NICE carb count. I can’t keep up with #dmpad either. I’ve done up to (and including) day 14…and it is now day 18…sounds about right for me to be 4 days behind:)


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