Dmpad theme tomorrow: support. Today: organization.

From whatever year children begin express food preference (2005?) – October 2013, each Sunday plan out one week dinners composition book expressly this purpose. Incorporate each family member’s ideas. Grocery shop accordingly. Many tacos. Very organize.

System change this fall. (Whirlwind misfortune.*) Throw off course**.

Lucky Bigfoot live in proximity genius. Peek over shoulder, swipe good ideas from similar-lifestyle friend:

  • 1400356_10152004451644558_1418941952_o

    MAGIC DISH: 1. Peanuts, 2. Cheese, 3. Raspberries. Whew! Stick a fork in me.

    Use a big dish with three sections for snacks. The snack could be carrot sticks, peanuts, and berries. It could be apples, cheese, and crackers. It could be brownies, cigarettes, and Red Vines. Something about it having three sections helps it feel like a cocktail party and helps the person making the snack—who might otherwise be out of breath/ideas after setting out two snacky things—push through the wall to think of a third thing

  • photo 1

    Organization tip #1 might be the proprietary formula of the genius’s guru who is someone I don’t know: 1. kale (actually this heap in the picture may have been chard), 2. vinaigrette, 3. walnuts, 4. raisins, 5. cucumbers, 6. apples, 7. peppers, 8. shallots, 9. celery

    Always have kale salad for dinner, plus whatever else. The kale salad bar includes: kale (baby kale as-is or adult kale cut in slivers), tiny diced celery, shallots, apples, carrots, peppers, cucumbers. Raisins or other dried fruits, walnuts, the Tangerine Dressing from Whole Foods, and a jam jar of ACV/honey/olive oil. Everyone makes their own salad

Swipe next idea off of famous librarian when famous librarian Whole30:

  • Cook sweet potatoes the size of footballs in advance, while you have the oven on for something else. Store in fridge, re-heat as needed
  • photo 2

    Item #10 on the kale bar = keeping it real

    Eat sweet potatoes with avocados/eggs/anything and they count as a real dinner and you count as a real adult

Or this swiped scenario: Sweet Potato Sundae Bar on Ben & Birdy.

For sweet potato lover/major eater, this book.

*On one hand, situation here not so bad. Other hand, it worst ever this person’s memory. Cue tiny violin.

**We can still have tacos. They’re gluten free (I think). It’s just the organization part of things that has fallen by the wayside, so we never seem to have all of the things at once



  1. gstabach · November 8, 2013

    why does your food always look better!!! must be awesome 3 part wood dish! OH and if you cut the sweets in half on a parchment (for people that have no skill in planning ahead like me not you!) they cook in about a 1/2 hour! AND then they are already cut without burning hands too!!!


  2. type1dmom · November 9, 2013

    Looks yummy and easy. I also forget that healthy food can be quick and easy too. Also. I fell in love with your blog when I first started reading it, but the fact that you linked to Ben and Birdy blog makes my heart melt. Have been reading Catherine’s blog since she was writing on Babycenter when my now 10 y/o was still a tiny bundle of baby girl who fit in the crook of my arm. Now I think I might cry thinking about how much time has passed and I am not nearly as organized or eat as healthily as either of you.


    • Katy · November 9, 2013

      catherine is my dream mom. favorite line: martini glass full of hair.


  3. Carlyn · November 9, 2013

    Ahhhh yes, sweet potatoes for dinner. My new fave is diced sweet potato, mixed with egg, veggies on hand, goat cheese scrambled in pan. Now I’m an adult? This is frightening.


    • Katy · November 11, 2013



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